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Jodha Akbar On Zee World, Wednesday 20th October 2021 Update Portal


Jodha Akbar On Zee World, Wednesday 20th October 2021 Update Portal.

Jodha Akbar On Zee World – Wednesday 20th October 2021: In this episode Jalal is being checked by doctor, doctor says that insect’s poison that had bite Jalal has reached his mind, he is alive but his mind cant work, we have to find solution for it…Keep reading below.

Jodha Akbar On Zee World - Wednesday 20th October 2021

In the previous episodes, due to Jalal’s issues a huge storm hits Agra, all the citizen turned against Jalal, in this episode. Jalal is facing the consequences of his mistakes, Jalal falls unconscious for 2 months, despite Ruks requesting Jodha not to leave Jalal. Jodha leaves the palace.

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Jodha Akbar On Zee World – Wednesday 20th October 2021

Jalal is being checked by doctor, doctor says that insect’s poison that had bite Jalal has reached his mind, he is alive but his mind cant work, we have to find solution for it.

Jodha says do you mean that you don’t have solution for this wound? doctor says we don’t have medicine for it, we have to formulate it, Salima ask him to start working, Jodha recalls her dream and says if that dream was pointing at this situation of Jalal, she tells her dream of how Jalal was walking bare foot in desert.

Hamida says your dream is sacry, now only solution is remaining that i go to Ajmer and pray for Jalal, Jodha cries.

voice over says that one side Jalal was ill and other side Salim’s ship had drowned in sea.

Anarkali gets up from sleep with a jerk, Zil ask what happened? Anarkali says i hate SAlim but dont know why i still about think him, why i feel that he is not fine, why do i even think about him, Zil says once you loved him dearly, the pain of incomplete is great, it will always remain in your heart, go to sleep.

Maan meets his man and tells him about Mirza and Sharif becoming one, he says that i have to tell this to Jalal, he says i have written about their conspiracy in letter, give to Todar as Jalal doesnt believe me so he will not believe to this letter too we inform this to Todar, Sharif is hiding and listens all this, he says i knew it that Maan was lying.

Soul talk- Jalal’s soul says that the one who gave me everything, my God, i started comparing myself to him, I had the most rough time in that phase as my war was not with any person but with God.

Jodha, Hamida, Anarkali prays in their respective places for betterment of the saltant.

Maan’s man is going with letter to give to Todar, Sharif follows him and attacks him with dagger from behind, Man is killed, Sharif takes letter from him, he says what Maan thought that he will destroy my dreams like this, i will let him do that.

Jodha is treating Jalal, she is crying seeing him in this state.

Sharif calls Mirza, Sharif gives him letter of Maan, Sharif says i told you that dont beleive Maan but you didnt listen to me, if i had not listened to Maan today then he would have destroyed our plan, lets go to him and kill him, Mirza says no we will not do that, Sharif says what? why? you want Maan to destroy our plan which we created in many years, don’t you want throne? have you forgotten death of your mother.
Mirza says no, your and my revenge will be completed but lets play game with Maan, he tried to double cross us now we will use him, Maan will think that his man have informed Jalal about our plan and he will be content, otherside we will use him against Jalal, Sharif says great plan.

voice over says that 2 months passed but Jalal haven’t recovered, the good news is that Salim had returned from sea journey.

Jodha is sitting beside Jalal, Salima ask her to be calm, Jalal will be fine soon, she leaves, Jodah tells Jalal that get fine soon, we will go to river journey, you like to go out in market in disguise state, we wll do that too, but please get fine, she cries and is about to go but Jalal holds her hand, Jodha is stunned, she calls out for doctor, all wives come there, they get happy seeing Jalal moving his hand, doctor says its miracle of God, Jalal opens his eyes, Jodha is happy, she ask Jalal to keep lying, she says you have become conscious after 2 months, Jalal says what? i have to go to my people, i have to see my nation.

Jodha ask him to keep lying, you need rest but Jalal doesn’t stop, he gets up and says i wanna see my people, Jodha says everything is fine, Ruks says you need rest, Jalal no first i need to see situation my nation, doctor says first drink this medicine, Jodha makes him drink the syrup, she says to Ruks that till Jalal doesnt see his people, he will not be satisfied, lets take him out.

Jalal comes out in market with Jodha to see his nation, he is shocked to see people starving, hungry and their situation is worse than ever, he sees dead bodies of people, he finds people cursing him as he destroyed them. he finds people looting the shops to get some food, Jalal says to Jodha that what happened to my people, Jodha says we tried everything but problem is deep, all are in pain that nobody is there left to treat them, Jalal says i will work for them, i will do everything but will change their fate, people finds Jalal there, one man says that this is royal king, we spit on you Jalal, we destroyed us, Jodha ask Jalal to lets go from here for now, they leave.

Jalal is discussing things with his ministers, he says i know you all must have worked hard but now i am fine, we will work hard, together we can solve problem of people, he ask where is Salim? Jodha says Salim has gone to help people, Jalal says great, i feel proud of him, i am sure he will become a great king.

Jodha is in her room, she recalls the situation of market, how people were cursing Jalal, she says to Kahna that you are savior of all then how can you see people suffering, cant you see their situation, do something, dont take so much test of us, Jalal comes there and says dont ask anything from him as he doesn’t exist.

Jodha says don’t say like this, Jalal says why not? i have always bowed to God, always prayed to him, also prayed to Kahna but now i have realized that they don’t exist as if they were here, they would have not let people suffer like this, now i will help my people, he leaves.

Jodha says to Kahna that because of all this Jalal has lost his faith in you, do something that his faith returns, please help us,show me way. Aram comes there and ask Jodha to tell story, Jodha tells story of Krishna ji that how he had held mountain on his finger so everyone can pass from there easily.

Jodha thinks that i have got the way, i can help people as i am Marium Zamani, i cant help like Krishna ji but still can do my work.

A maid is being checked, doctor informs Ruks that her illness is contagious and it is existing in people outside palace, Ruks orders to send this Dasi away from palace, Dasi says dont do this, i have worked here for years, ruks says we cant take risk, Jodha comes there and ask what is happening? Ruks says this is about protecting Jalal, will you take responsibility of it? Jodha is sieltn, Ruks says i got my answer, throw this Dasi out. Dasi is being taken out from palace.

Salim is drinking wine, Qutub comes and ask him to stop, why are you drinking so much, Salim says i am very much happy today, today my father has become conscious, Qutub says you doesnt seem happy from face? Salim says you are good friend so know my heart thing, tomorrow i will go out to help people but i have one wish that i can meet her once before going, if she had said bye to me then i would have gone from this palace peacefully, Salim leaves.

Salim comes to dance bar in drunken state, he says to Anarkali that i want you to dance in front of me, Anarkali is shocked, she says i wont perform today, people are dying out of hunger and you want to enjoy dance? Salim says i was away from here for my people only, Anarkali says you must have gone out for enjoyment but i care for people, i will not perform, her manager comes and says don’t forget your worth, you are nothing in front prince, don’t you dare say no to him, people are not coming here, he has come after two months so dance, she pushes Anarkali away.

Salim gets angry on her and says that how dare you force her, if she doesn’t want to dance then don’t ever force her, i will not force her too, Anarkali says now i will dance to show you that how people are forced to do things, Salim things so much hatred for me, i wont comeback here now.

Jodha asks Jalal and Ruks that i know medicine field so i can go out and help people by treating them, Ruks says no, you can get that illness too and then it will be spread in palace, we are sending them money, Jodha says they need treatment, Jalal says people are against me, your life cane be danger, Jodha says i will be in disguise like you, let me help people, please.

Jalal says okay but how you thought about it? Jodha says when Kahna can people then why cant help my people, Mehtab insists to let her go to, Jalal says ok Mehtab will go with Jodha.

Javeda comes to Haidar, she says your aunt Nadira and Shama his cousin is coming in palace, i want you to be there welcome them, Haidar says ok.

Shama and Nadira comes in palace, Nadira says to her that behave infront of Haidar and dont tell anyone that we are here for your marriage with Haidar.

Anarkali is taking off her jewelry, she says to Dasi that distribute it in people, they need it.

Other side Salim gives away his jewelry to Murad and says use them for my people, i am heir and i want to help people, these jewels make me special but i want to become like them so i can help them better, i will serve people.

Otherside Anarkali tells Dasi that maybe this jewels will help someone, this should be done by heir but he is interested in seeing dance of dancer, i am ashamed that i loved him earlier.

Ruks comes to Jodha, Jodha says i want to give my jewelry to you as i am going out, Ruks says you want to help people? she starts laughing, Jodha ask what happened? Ruks says i am laughing on fate, there was a time when i used to hate you, i wanted you to leave this palace as i used to think that you are between me and Jalal, i used to warn you to be away from Jalal but i never thought a day would come then i would insist you to not go away from Jalal, she says to Jodha that you cant leave Jalal, if you leave Jalal then he will leave all of us, he loves you, you cant leave him, he has become fine after many months and you wanna leave him in this state? i plead you to not go away from him as if anything happen to Jalal without you then i would find you and punish you, the one i used to hate, i want her now to stay here, remember what priest said to you that never leave Jalal, never leave his hand, you love him then how can you be so selfish and leave him, don’t go.

Jodha says you are right, i cant leave Jalal, i wont go anywhere, Ruks smiles and thanks her, she greets her and leaves, Jodha is tensed.
Sharif says to Mirza that we have to keep an eye of Maan, he can send another messenger to Jalal, Mirza says i have my people in palace, nothing will happen, Sharif says i dont trust anyone, i will go myself to palace and check if there is any man of Maan. Mirza agrees.

Jodha is sleeping, Aram comes to her and wakes her up, she says Jalal is standing outside, he is worried, i asked him what happened? he said he is missing his Queen Jodha, Jodha smiles and says i will come, you sleep.
Jodha comes to Jalal, Jodha ask Jalal for which thing you are worried? Jalal says i was thinking that if you had gone away from me then how would i have managed things here.

Jodha says but now i am not going anywhere, Jalal says i know Ruks managed to stopped you, but i still think you should go, it will be difficult for me to live but i dont want to stop you from good work.

Jodha says my decision was wrong, Jalal says you were right, it is your duty and you can go to fulfill it, usually when a king goes to war, hsi wife waits for him but now i will wait for you, Jodha gets in tears and hugs Jalal, Jodha says i will be common lady in common people, if they get to know about my position then they wont take my help, i used to feel proud that i am wife of Jalal but now i am more happy that Jalal has a great heart.

Next morning.

Jalal does Jodha’s aarti, he says when i used to go on war, you used to do my tilak, today you are going to save people, i am sure you will be successful in ti, Aram says who will tell me stories now? Jodha says you have Salima and Ruks, they can tell you stories, where i am going, there are many kids there and they want to listen stories too so i have to go to them, Aram says i wont stop you but i will not listen stories from anyone, i will wait for your return, Jodha hugs her, Jodha looks at Jalal, Jalal is sad and happy.

Jodha greets Ruks and Salima and starts to leave but turns to look at Jalal, she becomes emotional….. Music plays…… Episode Ends.

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