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Lamidi Apapa Biography – LP National Chairman

Lamidi Apapa Biography: The Labour Party’s national chairman in interim office is Lamidi Apapa. This post will provide information about him to those who have been looking for posts about him.




Lamidi Apapa Biography - LP National Chairman

Lamidi Apapa Biography – LP National Chairman

He has become one of the trendiest in recent times. All readers want to know about him. In a brief, you will get to know about his wife, career, early life and other information that will help you know more about him.

Read this post to the end so as to get information regarding him in full as we will share more than the above listed.

Lamidi Apapa Biography – Early Life

We will be giving you what we have and know about the entity Lamidi in this section of the post. There is much information about this man but most of them are concealed.

For the benefit of our readers and those who want to know more about him, we will provide what we have gotten so far about him.

Lamidi is from Nigeria, Oyo State to be precise. We have no information if the entity has any other citizenship but that of Nigeria is a birthright.

He was born in 1950 and is presently 73 years old. We do not have any more details about his early life and family history.

However, as soon as we have this concealed information, we will not forget to share it with you for your edification.

Keep reading to find out more about him, his career and other information we have gathered.

Lots have called Lamidi many names but what we will be providing you today is a piece of well-sourced information and not propaganda.

We have not interest I criticism, thus, we will be more exact in what we are writing to our readers. Lots have been enquiring to know who Lamidi really is.

For the interest of these readers, we are going to share what we know about Lamidi. According to our source, Lamidi is seen to be the strong man of Ibadan politics.

It was said that no man assumes any political office in Oyo state without his approval. In 2003 his protégé Rasheed Ladoja became the governor of the state.

Also, his son, Kamorudeen Adekunle Adedibu became the senator for Oyo South in April 2007. However, the senator-elect Teslim Folarin was also his protégé.

Lamidi formerly was the chapter head of the Labour Party at the state level (Oyo State). Presently; Lamidi is the Chairperson of the Labour Party at the national level.Lamidi Apapa Biography – LP National Chairman

Lamidi Apapa Biography – Career

Here is another subheading that no reader should miss out on. We are going to be sharing with our readers another interesting topic.

What we are going to be considering in this subheading is what readers have been searching for. Here, readers will get to know about his career.

We will give you all we have gathered regarding his career and other details you will likely want to hear about.

Lamidi is a Nigerian politician who has been running politics for years. His political life is the largest and one that has brought him to the lamplight.

He has appeared on many channels including; Channels Tv, and Arise News, amongst others. We do not have an idea if there are other jobs he does or has.

All we know is that Lamidi is a successful politician.

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Lamidi’s Wife

This is another section that readers should not miss out on. We will be sharing with you another intriguing piece of information.

For those who have an interest on know more about the entity ‘Lamidi’ this section will be what you will need.

Here, we will be telling you about Lamidi’s Wife and all we know about him. Lamidi as we had earlier said does not really talk much about his family.

All we have about him is that he is married to a wife. His wife is unknown to the public but we promise to give you information on her as soon as we have it.

Lamidi Apapa Biography – Networth

We have reached a section where readers will benefit a lot from the reading. In this section of the post, we are going to be giving our readers another piece of information that will amaze them about him.

We will be giving you details regarding his Networth. The networth of every influential man is always a concern to his lovers.

We will make sure to give you all we have gathered about it. Lamidi Apapa, a Nigerian politician and business man is rich and indeed has a networth worth talking about.

The estimated networth of this man is around 700k. He has indeed excelled in politics and has contributed to his state in his capacity.

Read the next section to know more about him.

Lamidi Apapa Biography – LP National Chairman

Yes, Lamidi is the new Lp Chairman. Due to the suspension of the former chairman of the Labour party, he has been made to new head at the National level.

However, Lamidi already has a test of power and was formerly the head of his hometown chapter. According to our source, Lamidi has become the National Chairman with the support of Obedience supporters.

Though he is despised by a lot, it is fair to give him a chance to show his capability of handling the position.

House and Car

We have reached the final section of the post. Here, we will be giving you information regarding the  properties owned by Lamidi

Lamidi has a networth of over 700k and also does have houses and cars. We do not for sure have the number of landed properties we have but a man with such an amount of money should have houses and cars.

If you have any questions concerning Lamidi Apapa Biography – LP National Chairman , please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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