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Landmark University Job Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form (Academic & Non-Academic Positions)


Landmark University (LMU) Job Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form Portal | Over 100 Academic & Non-Academic Positions.

Landmark University Recruitment: The Landmark University (LMU) invites application for job recruitment into its various massive academic and non-academic jobs positions. See requirements, positions and how to apply for LMU job recruitment below.

Landmark University Recruitment

The management of the Landmark University (LMU) is massively recruiting for its various academic and non-academic positions.

About Landmark University

Landmark University is a private University approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria, and established by the World Mission Agency, which is an arm of the Living Faith Church Worldwide. As an apex educational institution, it is focused on teaching, learning, research, and community service by promoting a lasting culture of excellence for the advancement of humanity. In pursuit of the goal of building a strong research-based University, it seeks to employ research-active academics on regular appointments or as Sabbatical Staff from all over the world. The campus is IT-driven, which empowers every focused academic towards achieving a fulfilled career experience.

Landmark University Recruitment – Available Positions

1ProfessorAnimal Science31/May/2022
2Associate ProfessorAnimal Science31/May/2022
3Senior LecturerAnimal Science31/May/2022
4Lecturer IAnimal Science31/May/2022
5Lecturer IIAnimal Science31/May/2022
6ProfessorCrop Science31/May/2022
7Associate ProfessorCrop Science31/May/2022
8Senior LecturerCrop Science31/May/2022
9Lecturer ICrop Science31/May/2022
10Lecturer IICrop Science31/May/2022
11ProfessorAgricultural Extension and Rural Development31/May/2022
12Associate ProfessorAgricultural Extension and Rural Development31/May/2022
13Senior LecturerAgricultural Extension and Rural Development31/May/2022
14Lecturer IAgricultural Extension and Rural Development31/May/2022
15Lecturer IIAgricultural Extension and Rural Development31/May/2022
16ProfessorAgricultural Economics31/May/2022
17Associate ProfessorAgricultural Economics31/May/2022
18Senior LecturerAgricultural Economics31/May/2022
19Lecturer IAgricultural Economics31/May/2022
20Lecturer IIAgricultural Economics31/May/2022
21ProfessorFood Science and Nutrition31/May/2022
22Associate ProfessorFood Science and Nutrition31/May/2022
23Senior LecturerFood Science and Nutrition31/May/2022
24Lecturer IFood Science and Nutrition31/May/2022
25Lecturer IIFood Science and Nutrition31/May/2022
26ProfessorAgricultural & Biosystems Engineering31/May/2022
27Associate ProfessorAgricultural & Biosystems Engineering31/May/2022
28Senior LecturerAgricultural & Biosystems Engineering31/May/2022
29Lecturer IAgricultural & Biosystems Engineering31/May/2022
30Lecturer IIAgricultural & Biosystems Engineering31/May/2022
31ProfessorCivil Engineering31/May/2022
32Associate ProfessorCivil Engineering31/May/2022
33Senior LecturerCivil Engineering31/May/2022
34Lecturer ICivil Engineering31/May/2022
35Lecturer IICivil Engineering31/May/2022
36ProfessorElectrical and Information Engineering31/May/2022
37Associate ProfessorElectrical and Information Engineering31/May/2022
38Senior LecturerElectrical and Information Engineering31/May/2022
39Lecturer IElectrical and Information Engineering31/May/2022
40Lecturer IIElectrical and Information Engineering31/May/2022
41ProfessorChemical Engineering31/May/2022
42Associate ProfessorChemical Engineering31/May/2022
43Senior LecturerChemical Engineering31/May/2022
44Lecturer IChemical Engineering31/May/2022
45Lecturer IIChemical Engineering31/May/2022
46ProfessorMechanical Engineering31/May/2022
47Associate ProfessorMechanical Engineering31/May/2022
48Senior LecturerMechanical Engineering31/May/2022
49Lecturer IMechanical Engineering31/May/2022
50Lecturer IIMechanical Engineering31/May/2022
51ProfessorIndustrial Chemistry31/May/2022
52Associate ProfessorIndustrial Chemistry31/May/2022
53Senior LecturerIndustrial Chemistry31/May/2022
54Lecturer IIndustrial Chemistry31/May/2022
55Lecturer IIIndustrial Chemistry31/May/2022
57Associate ProfessorBiochemistry31/May/2022
58Senior LecturerBiochemistry31/May/2022
59Lecturer IBiochemistry31/May/2022
60Lecturer IIBiochemistry31/May/2022
62Associate ProfessorMicrobiology31/May/2022
63Senior LecturerMicrobiology31/May/2022
64Lecturer IMicrobiology31/May/2022
65Lecturer IIMicrobiology31/May/2022
66ProfessorComputer Science31/May/2022
67Associate ProfessorComputer Science31/May/2022
68Senior LecturerComputer Science31/May/2022
69Lecturer IComputer Science31/May/2022
70Lecturer IIComputer Science31/May/2022
71ProfessorIndustrial Physics31/May/2022
72Associate ProfessorIndustrial Physics31/May/2022
73Senior LecturerIndustrial Physics31/May/2022
74Lecturer IIndustrial Physics31/May/2022
75Lecturer IIIndustrial Physics31/May/2022
76ProfessorIndustrial Mathematics31/May/2022
77Associate ProfessorIndustrial Mathematics31/May/2022
78Senior LecturerIndustrial Mathematics31/May/2022
79Lecturer IIndustrial Mathematics31/May/2022
80Lecturer IIIndustrial Mathematics31/May/2022
82Associate ProfessorAccounting31/May/2022
83Senior LecturerAccounting31/May/2022
84Lecturer IAccounting31/May/2022
85Lecturer IIAccounting31/May/2022
86ProfessorBusiness Administration31/May/2022
87Associate ProfessorBusiness Administration31/May/2022
88Senior LecturerBusiness Administration31/May/2022
89Lecturer IBusiness Administration31/May/2022
90Lecturer IIBusiness Administration31/May/2022
92Associate ProfessorEconomics31/May/2022
93Senior LecturerEconomics31/May/2022
94Lecturer IEconomics31/May/2022
95Lecturer IIEconomics31/May/2022
97Associate ProfessorSociology31/May/2022
98Senior LecturerSociology31/May/2022
99Lecturer ISociology31/May/2022
100Lecturer IISociology31/May/2022
101ProfessorPolitical Science31/May/2022
102Associate ProfessorPolitical Science31/May/2022
103Senior LecturerPolitical Science31/May/2022
104Lecturer IPolitical Science31/May/2022
105Lecturer IIPolitical Science31/May/2022
106ProfessorInternational Relations31/May/2022
107Associate ProfessorInternational Relations31/May/2022
108Senior LecturerInternational Relations31/May/2022
109Lecturer IInternational Relations31/May/2022
110Lecturer IIInternational Relations31/May/2022
111ProfessorMass Communication31/May/2022
112Associate ProfessorMass Communication31/May/2022
113Senior LecturerMass Communication31/May/2022
114Lecturer IMass Communication31/May/2022
115Lecturer IIMass Communication31/May/2022
116Software Developer/EngineerICT31/May/2022
117Programmer IIICT31/May/2022
118Deputy RegistrarRegistry31/May/2022
119Chief Security OfficerRegistry31/May/2022
120ProfessorMechatronics Engineering31/May/2022
121Associate ProfessorMechatronics Engineering31/May/2022
122Senior LecturerMechatronics Engineering31/May/2022
123Lecturer IMechatronics Engineering31/May/2022
124Lecturer IIMechatronics Engineering31/May/2022

How to Apply for Landmark University (LMU) Jobs Recruitment

Interested and qualified candidates should do the following below:

Click here to apply online

Incase of suggestions, clarifications, or complaints, about activities related to the Landmark University vacancy board, please send an email(with screenshots if necessary) to vacancy@lmu.edu.ng.

Please note that the only accepted means of application is through following the steps listed on the home page of the vacancy board, Sending emails with CV’s attached to the contact email address will NOT BE CONSIDERED.

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If you have any questions concerning Landmark University Recruitment, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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