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List of Police Ranks in Nigeria – and Symbols


List of Police Ranks in Nigeria: Nigeria currently has a number of agencies in operation. These organizations are crucial to the development of Nigeria as a country.

List of Police Ranks in Nigeria - and Symbols

List of Police Ranks in Nigeria – and Symbols

Some of these agencies happen to be governmental agencies. They range from the armed forces to other agencies in the country.

The agency in Nigeria here is the Nigerian Police Force. This is where the Police Ranks in Nigeria will be available for all to see.


Also, the symbols of these ranks will be in this post. Do well to know all of them as of now as they are very important.

There are several ranks of police officers in Nigeria at the moment. These ranks also have symbols that one can use to know them.

The symbols of these ranks happen to be very important. They can help you to know the ranks of officers you come across.


The Police Ranks in Nigeria are available below in ascending order;


This is the least rank in the Nigerian Police Force. It is the rank that has no symbol for identification. The only set of people that this rank is above is the recruits.



The second most junior rank in the Nigerian Police Force is this rank. This is a rank that also has symbols that can be used for easy identification.

Those that use this rank are those that mostly go on road patrols. They are the ones that are mainly of this rank in the Nigerian Police Force.


To become an officer of this rank, you will first become a recruit. From there, you will become a constable and later become a corporal.

The highest corporal position in the Nigerian Police Force is the Lance Corporal.



An officer that is about the corporal rank happens to be the sergeant. This is the officer that happens to be above two different ranks of the police force.

It is above both the corporal and the constable. When one reaches this stage, there is liable to be an increase in the salary of the person.

From the increase, the person also has authority over the corporal and constable with few boundaries. The boundaries are to let the sergeants know their limitations.


When one reaches this height, there is usually an increase in the salary of the officer. This is another advantage of this rank.

Sergeant Major

This is the fourth rank of the Nigerian Police Force. It is among the Police Ranks in Nigeria that are presently available.


This rank is given to those that have passed through the stage of a sergeant. They become sergeant majors by reasons of promotion given to them.

As of now, this rank has several responsibilities higher than the sergeant. The higher one goes the more responsibilities they are for handling.



This is a rank in the Nigerian Police force that has five sub-ranks under it. These ranks happen to have several badges.

The badges happen to be the symbols that separate them from each other. Ranks under the Inspector are Cadet Inspector which is the least among them.

After the cadet Inspector is the Unconfirmed Inspector. The third is the confirmed inspector, and the fourth is the Principal Inspector.


After these ranks, the last and the highest among them is the Chief Inspector. This is the highest rank of the Inspector in Nigeria.

Assistant Superintendent

Another rank that is immediately above the Inspector is the Assistant Superintendent. Two ranks are under the Assistant Superintendent.


These ranks are the Assistant Superintendent who is on probation. The second happens to be the Confirmed Assistant Superintendent.

Among the Police Ranks in Nigeria, Confirmed Assistant Superintendent is the first rank of the cadet officer cadre of the force.

Deputy Superintendent


Another high rank of the Nigerian Police Force is right here. After the Assistant Superintendent, we have the Deputy Superintendent.

This is a rank that sees the checking of the activities of the ranks under it. It also has a higher rank which it happens to report to from time to time.

It is a very interesting rank that has a very unique symbol. Also, the salary of the officers in this rank is of high level. This is a senior rank in the Nigerian Police Force.



This is another of the highest Police Ranks in Nigeria today. It is a rank that is the second highest among the superintendents after the Chief Superintendent.

There are a lot of decision-making that this rank of officer happens to take from time to time. These decisions are only checked by a few higher officials.


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Chief Superintendent

The Chief Superintendent is a senior rank in the police force and it is a very important rank. This is a rank that a lot usually wait their whole career just to get to.


Not all police officers that start together get to this rank. This is to show how delicate this rank happens to be in the force as of now.

The rank is the highest in the rank of the superintendents. This rank is answerable only to the commissioners of police and the Inspector General.

Commissioner of Police


A rank that a lot of officers wish to occupy before their retirement is right here. This is a rank that is answerable only to the Inspector General of Police.

Those that are in this rank are very high-rated officers. They are the officers that have given their devotion to their work to be in this position.

Inspector General


This is the highest rank in the Nigerian Police Force among the Police Ranks in Nigeria. The final say of this force rests upon the order of this officer.

This officer is only one and it is usually based on appointments. The symbol of this officer can show all how high-ranking the office is.

The update that is here is regarding the Nigerian Police Force. Those that do not know about this force can now see a lot about it.


Do well to take note of the ranks of the Nigerian Police Force from here. The symbols of this force are also here.

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