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Make Money Writing:Top 7 Ways to Earn Money Through Writing

Make Money Writing: Even as a novice, there are numerous methods to make money writing. When someone discovers their passion and builds on it, they develop to the point where they can convert their enthusiasm into money.




Make Money Writing:Top 7 Ways to Earn Money Through Writing

Make Money Writing:Top 7 Ways to Earn Money Through Writing

As a writer, a time will come when you feel that your services should no longer be free of charge, when you need money to boast your writing career and when your articles are too good to start generating quick money. When all of these happen, then you are set to make money writing.

Look: this site generates lots of money to me and I pay lots of writers. All for one service: writing

In case you did not know:

Writing could be one of those cool ways to generate income and guess what; these tips will work for you when you want to make money writing.

Here’s the deal:

#1. Leave The Money Mindset

It is true that many people who go into writing need to keep fit as human beings with money. Well, it turns out in the reverse. You can make money writing when this money mindset has been scrapped out.

It will shock you to know that:

Many writers who actually go into writing with the mindset of making money fall off quickly most especially when they are writing for online publication.

What makes them fall off?

Impatience. Google is ever ready to twist its clients and show them the hardest way. Those who survive this threat make it at last.

Money is not the key thing, just do what you are passionate about then wealth will follow you.

#2.Do it Consistently 

 Consistency is what keeps many on the track. This is what consistency does for you when writing;

Consistency spurs up your passion when writing. When you write consistently, you become more passionate about your writing and making money from your write ups becomes easy.

Consistency does this too:

It develops your writing prospect. When you are consistent in your writing, you learn and develop new styles of writing, you understand more about grammar and you expand your horizon.

Why are you wasting your writing skills when you can –

#3.Offer a Service:

Making money writing can be done easily but the hallmark is that you have to identify a service and render same.

Have a particular niche when you can render your services. This is just simple

Here is it:

Self Publishing 

You can publish your writing yourself without seeking anybody’s assistance on finances or otherwise. Self publishing can be done in this ways through eBooks and audio recording. Amazon will be glad to receive you.

eBook may not really be an exciting experience but how about:

Writing for a company or even your former school

You can be a copy writer

A biographer. Yes! This is not popular but you can make real money from writing people’s biography

You can choose to write business plans for prospective entrepreneurs and managers

Going into journalism can provide you with Quick money. The misconception about this is that people say that you need a degree for this. That’s true. This is what matters;

You can contribute to any of your local tabloids providing relevant information about the happenings of your society. You can also choose to manage a column and get paid for it.

Speech writing: Office holders and politicians are looking for people to write speeches for them. People want to convince others to buy into their ideas through their speeches. You can take advantage of this and make good money.

Here’s is another good news:

You can organize writing conferences and seminars to teach others how to write. Sharing what you know how to do best with others is just another way of making it Don’t think of renting big events centres and conference halls. You can teach people by starting small… hehehehe. This is good; you can also create an online platform for this course. You don’t need a Head office, of course your head office is your head and you don’t really need that physical environment just use your devices. If you are good many people will pay through their nose just to attend your seminar. Just start small

Comedy review: you can review a comedy after watching it. Everyone want to laugh out their sorrows away. This could be your selling point this point is amazing

If you are too good at dotting “Is” and crossing “Ts” of other people them you can make a good money proofread. you could be paid for editing of people’s articles. This pays so much.

How about writing letters for people? Those in the labour market need letters that can move managers to offer them their desired jobs. And managers need people that can save them the stress of writing letters. Making money through letter writing could be your selling point.

Do you need a good letter, then HIRE A GHOST WRITER that will give a high class letter.


If you want to BECOME A WRITER who makes lots of money from his/her businesses, then you have to be good. Clients are looking for people who are actually good in writing. Of course nobody will want to hire a bad writer. Strife to develop your writing skills. Learn new skills, and learn different styles of writing.

#5.Create a Niche to Make Money Writing

Turn your passion into wealth by having a particular niche. You know this saying- Jack of all trade master of none. No matter how far you have gone in art writing, you cannot fit into all aspect of writing perfectly.

What is the bottom line?

If you love nature, admires people’s way of dressing and have flair for artistic works then you can make a good fashion writer.

If everything about you is marketing and you are so much interested in the rising and falling of currency, admiring top business moguls, then you can make money from forex or business writing.

Your religionistic citation in your speeches is so much, you tend to be concerned and criticise church leaders as well their activities, then your niche is religion write on it and make money from it. You can also wrote on



Societal issues

Technology etc

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It is appalling when people don’t really know who they are writing for. Take time to study your target audience, understand their problem and try fixing it. Take as an example many people visiting this site are either looking for a writer or want to become a writer. So our services must match to the yearnings of our audience.

This is another mind blowing

#7.Market yourself: Even if you are better writing, nobody will require your services when they don’t know what you can do.

What I’m I saying?

You cannot just stay at home without letting people know you are a writer and expect to make money. Market yourself by telling people what you can do through:

one on one interaction, through online marketing by creating a simple blog and finally make good use of the social networks when marketing yourself.

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