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Medical Transcriptionist Job Description: Salary, Skills, and Many More


Medical Transcriptionist Job Description: Salary, Skills, and Everything You Need to Know.

Medical Transcriptionist Job Description, Salary /Skills: Medical transcriptionist is a healthcare worker whose primary medical duty is to listen to voice recordings that physicians and other healthcare workers make and convert them into written reports.

Medical Transcriptionist Job Description, Salary /Skills

Most medical transcriptionists work for hospitals, physicians’ offices, and third-party transcription service companies that provide transcription services to healthcare establishments. Others are self-employed.

Medical transcriptionists typically need postsecondary education. Prospective medical transcriptionists must have an understanding of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, grammar, and word-processing software.


Medical Transcriptionist Jobs

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics maintains that there are limited vacancies for medical transcriptionist jobs, we have made available, the existing slots.

Here are the available medical transcriptionist jobs near you:

1. Medical Transcriptionist


2. Transcription Scheduling Associate

3. Dental Transcriptionist Specialty1 Partners

Medical Transcriptionist

Job Title: Medical Transcriptionist


Job Status: Part-Time

Company Hiring: Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley

Address: San Jose, CA 95125 USA


Position Summary

The Medical Transcriptionist interprets and transcribes external clinical notes regarding patient assessment, workup, therapeutic procedures, clinical course, diagnosis, prognosis, etc.

He/she enters the above information into the patient’s Electronic Health Records in order to document patient care and facilitate delivery of health care services.

He/she ensures accuracy of electronic clinical notes and keeps confidentiality in compliance with HIPAA guidelines.


This could be an excellent opportunity for International Medical Graduates. The IHC is a Patient-Centered Health Home and all employees are an integral part of this model of care delivery.  

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Transcribes external medical notes such as assessments/consultations, referrals, progress notes, discharge summaries, etc., into the IHC EHR system to provide a permanent record of patient care, especially for new IHC members.

2. Identifies mistakes in reports, and check with previous medical providers to obtain the correct needed information


3. Performs data retrieval duties from external EHR systems or other media such as CDs for data inclusion in internal electronic medical records

4. Demonstrates an understanding of the medico-legal implications and responsibilities related to the transcription of medical records to protect the patient and the organization

5. Communicates with external healthcare facilities to ensure accuracy and completeness of records of new and established patients


Additional Responsibilities

1. Operates designated word processing, internal registries, and other software as directed to complete the assignments 

2. Scribes for Providers in IHC three Medical Departments


3. Assists with manual lab results reconciliation

4. Follows policies and procedures to contribute to the efficiency of the IHC Medical Records Office and Back Office

5. Other duties related to the nature of this position as assigned


Required Qualifications, Knowledge & Abilities

1. Associate degree or equivalent in a health-related field

2. Medical background preferred

3. Knowledge of medical transcription guidelines and practices


4. Knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, disease processes, signs & symptoms, clinical medicine, surgery, diagnostic tests, radiology, pathology, pharmacology, and the various medical specialties as required in areas of responsibilities

5. Knowledge of procedure codes, diagnosis codes, and medical records procedures preferred

6. Able to read, write and speak English fluently 


7. Excellent written and oral communication skills, including English usage, grammar, punctuation, and style

8. Excellent organizational and customer service skills

9. Ability to work under pressure with time constrains 


10. Ability to stay calm while working quickly and with a high degree of accuracy.

Additional Required Qualifications

1. Flexibility, initiative, and reliability


2. Familiarity with medical computer software and data entry

3. Experience using Microsoft Office software packages (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

4. Knowledge of & ability to work with the American Indian community & other minority populations preferred


5. Ability to maintain strict confidentiality

6. Ability to function independently and as a team member within diverse environments as well as with a diverse staff composition

7. Ability to carry out all responsibilities in an honest, ethical & professional manner and demonstrate good judgment


8. Participate as a proactive representative of the Patient-Centered Health Home

9. Perform duties utilizing the Team-Based Approach

10. Performs other duties as assigned


Physical Requirements

The applicant will be working in a fast-paced non-profit community health clinic environment and must be able to:

‣ sit, stand and walk for extended periods of time;

‣ lift up to 35 pounds; and


‣ stoop, squat, or bend frequently.

‣ Possess the manual and finger dexterity as well as the eye-hand coordination sufficient to accomplish the duties associated with your job description.

‣ Ability to visually observe as well as hear and communicate with patients and professional staff.


‣ Ability to do extensive work on the computer and the telephone in communicating with staff, patients, and vendors.

Working Conditions

Potential exposure to airborne and blood-borne infectious diseases and pathogens

Normal working hours will be from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm although hours may vary depending upon business need


Must be able to work independently and meet deadlines while also being an effective leader and collaborating with the agency-wide management team

Preference is given to qualified American Indians in accordance with the American Indian Alaskan Native Preference Act (Title 25, U.S. Code Sections 472, 473, and 473a).

Other than the above, the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley is an equal opportunity employer including minorities, women, the disabled, and veterans.


Transcription Scheduling Associate

Job Title: Transcription Scheduling Associate

Job Status: Full time

Company Hiring: Allegis Transcription


Address: Renton, WA 98057 USA

Job Description

The Transcription Scheduling Associate is responsible for co-managing the legal transcription workflow while ensuring standards for productivity, timeliness, and quality assurance are met by the external transcription team.

This is done by monitoring real-time service levels and adherence to deadlines for transcriptionists, tracking production metrics, and performing daily operations tasks in tandem with other PC team members.


Veritext/Allegis offers competitive compensation and an exciting benefits package including medical, dental, vision, 401K with company match, generous paid time off, company paid short & long term disability, life insurance, and more.

Read Also:


‣ Deliver a positive and professional “customer” experience.


‣ Monitor and direct legal transcription workflow under the guidance of the Production Manager.

‣ Assist in monitoring and maintaining transcriptionists’ adherence to standards and policies and escalate performance issues to the Production Manager and/or Quality Assurance Manager.

‣ Act as a resource reaffirming expectations with new and existing transcriptionists.


‣ Gather and track transcript metrics as directed.

‣ Assist in tracking and processing contractor payroll.

‣ Promptly answer support-related e-mails, phone calls, and other electronic communications.


‣ General office duties and projects as assigned.

Skills and Experiences

‣ Ability to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines.

‣ Organized, self-motivated, and detail-oriented.


‣ Maintain composure in critical situations and communicate clearly with customers and transcriptionists.

‣ Always deliver a positive and professional “customer” experience.

‣ Strong interpersonal and communication skills.


‣ Excellent documentation skills.

‣ Excellent verbal and written grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills.

‣ Ability to provide objective performance feedback.


Required Qualifications

Minimum Education: High school Diploma but AA degree or above is preferred.

‣ Microsoft Office Suite experience at an Intermediate level.

‣ Strong interpersonal skills and desire to work in a team atmosphere.


‣ Proven ability to multi-task as well as manage time and workflow independently and effectively.

‣ Self-motivated, detail-oriented, and organized.

‣ Customer service attitude and experience.


‣ Keyboarding at minimum 50 wpm.

Preferred Qualifications

‣ Minimum 2 years experience in a customer service or support environment.

‣ Transcription experience (helpful but not required).


‣ Ability to identify, evaluate, and report technical and/or operational problems.

‣ Workflow management experience.

Company Description

Allegis Transcription is part of Veritext Legal Solutions and acts as the legal transcription provider for Veritext digital reporting work. They are hiring a full-time, fully-remote, Transcription Scheduling Associate.


Dental Transcriptionist

Job Title: Dental Transcriber

Job Status: Full-Time

Company Hiring: Capitol Periodontal Group


Address: Elk Grove, CA USA

Job Description

Capitol Periodontal Group is hiring for a Full-Time or Part-Time Dental Transcriber. The Transcriptionist will produce and manage summaries of Dental records of the practice’s Doctors.

The transcriptionist will log into the dictation software, listen to the dictation, transcribe the letter, review typed letters for accuracy, and then email the finished letter for final processing.


Transcription experience preferred and knowledge of dental terminology a plus!

Job Requirements

‣ High school diploma or equivalent

‣ Typing 50+ WPM


‣ Computer proficiency including Microsoft Word and Outlook

‣ Dental Terminology knowledge helpful

‣ Strong communication skills



Full-Time Employees are eligible for benefits including Medical, Dental, Vision, Paid Time Off (Sick, Vacation, and Holidays) as well as 401k.

Medical Transcriptionist Salary

Medical terminology salary averages $35,210 per year as of May 2019, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The median (or midpoint) of the salary range was slightly lower at $33,380 per year.


Those in the bottom 10 percent annually earn less than $22,160, while those in the top 10 percent earn upwards of $51,260.

Fifty percent of medical transcriptionists earn between $25,690 and $42,460. The BLS adds that some medical transcriptionists are paid according to the amount of work they submit.

Medical Transcriptionist Training

Most medical transcriptionists complete a certificate program that includes courses in medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, medical specialties, diagnostic studies, and pharmacology.


Some complete an associate’s degree program. Medical transcriptionists are sometimes called medical language specialists, and they need to have an excellent command of grammar and punctuation.

They also have to be able to understand complicated medical terminology as well as medical and surgical procedures.

In addition, they need to have good auditory processing skills and be able to understand accents. 


The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity is a professional organization for medical transcriptionists. Medical transcriptionists are eligible for one of two certifications, depending on experience.

New transcriptionists, once they have graduated from a medical transcription program, can sit for the exam to become a Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist (RHDS).

The exam is open to transcriptionists with less than two years of experience or transcriptionists who work in only one specialty. 


Once they have the RHDS certification, medical transcriptionists are eligible to become Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist (CHDS).

To obtain their CHDS certification, transcriptionists must have at least two years of experience in an acute-care or multi-specialty clinic setting.  

They also have to have obtained their RHDS certification.


To keep their certification, RHDS transcriptionists must complete 20 hours of continuing education every three years or retake the exam.

To keep the CHDS certification, transcriptionists must complete 30 hours of continuing education every three years. 

Medical Transcriptionist Jobs from Home

Are you looking for medical transcriptionist jobs where you can do from the comfort of your home? If yes, kindly check below:


Orthopedic Medical Transcriptionist

Job Title: Orthopedic Medical Transcriptionist

Job Status: Part-Time

Company Hiring: Berry Transcription Services Inc.


Address: Remote, or USA

Job Description

The company is seeking a transcriptionist to join its team! The applicant if employed will transcribe medical reports by physicians and other healthcare practitioners. 


‣ Transcribe reports from various doctors in the orthopedic field 


‣ Review reports for completeness and returns by the deadline given 


‣ Previous experience in orthopedic medical transcription 

‣ Familiarity with transcription devices


‣ Familiarity with medical terminology

‣ Strong attention to detail.

Remote/Virtual Medical Scribe

Job Title: Medical Scribe


Job Status: Part-Time

Company Hiring: TRC Staffing

Salary:  $12 Hourly


Address: Dallas, TX, Columbia

Benefits: dental, life insurance, medical, vision, 401k,

Job Requirements

Applicants must:


‣ Have Recent Experience as a Medical Scribe, Medical Assistant, or Medical Transcriptionist OR;

‣ Have completed courses or training in Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology and have a strong desire to be trained as a Medical Scribe

‣ Possess the ability to work from home and a secure reliable internet connection at home.


‣ Must be Available Monday through Friday during outpatient office hours between the hours of 7 A.M. – 7 P.M. EST or PST.

‣ Have strong computer, typing, and listening skills.

‣ Must have the ability to type 45 – 50 wpm or more.


‣ Be 18 years of age or older.

‣ Must be one authorized to work in the United States.

‣ Must currently live within the borders of the United States.


 Job Description

Imagine if there was a chance to step into a career that allows you to understand what it takes to become a healthcare practitioner working directly with a Physician 1 on 1.

As one of Aquity Solutions Virtual Medical Scribes, you have the chance to do just that!

Every day, the employee will get to enjoy paid shadowing with a provider and see what it takes to analyze, document, and diagnose a patient.


He or she will understand how a physician approaches a patient visit, how to interpret symptoms, and learn how to help each patient by observing a physician in real-time.

All the while, you get to work in the comfort of your own home allowing for a more flexible and fluid schedule!

As one of Aquity Solutions medical scribes, the employee becomes a physician’s direct personal assistant helping physicians all across the nation!


He or she will become the critical link for the physicians to handle all of their electronic medical records from patient to patient.

He or she will get to interpret and document the doctor-patient visit and the clinical charting of each patient in its entirety.

As an employee, you will…


‣ Have a Competitive Wage and Benefits!

‣ Work Directly with Physicians Gaining Valuable Clinical Charting Experience

‣ Network Directly w/Physicians


‣ Draft HPIs, PEs, ROSs, and Analyze Lab Reports

‣ Provide EHR Charting Support Directly for Physicians as a Charting Assistant in Real-Time

 It would be awesome if you also…


‣ Have a training certification in an EHR/EMR (Epic, Cerner, Athena, etc.)

‣ Specialty experience in EHR documentation with outpatient clinics

‣ Strong leadership skills


‣ Planning on going into medical, physician assistant, or nursing school in the future

‣ Looking for a potential career!

‣ Good understanding of technology and how it integrates with the medical industry


‣ A passion for healthcare

‣ You would like to work from home

‣ Able to balance school and work


Company Description

For over 19 years, professionals and employers have trusted TRC with their business and careers.

Whether you’re looking for an HR business partner, an engineering professional, specialized accountant, a supply & logistics expert, or a marketing extraordinaire, TRC will find the very best candidate to meet your exact needs.

With any business, the ability to stand out is paramount to success. Our unique recruitment process ensures companies are only sent the absolute best candidates in the market.


The company takes care of the strenuous vetting process so our clients can focus on business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about medical transcriptionists:

How do you become a Medical Transcriptionist?


Training, training, training. Skill is the single most important factor in your success as a transcriptionist. 
People mistakenly think that you only need to type fast to be successful. Those people would be wrong.
While speed and accuracy are certainly useful, hearing (really and truly HEARING) words and typing them up, punctuating the spoken word correctly, and having knowledge of industry standards are skills you’ll need for success, and all of them take practice.
To be successful, you want quality training as you can find with Transcribe Anywhere. Our courses teach you everything you need to know to be a successful transcriptionist working from home.
We provide real audio (from real clients!) to practice with and provide detailed feedback and resources.
Our free email course is a great place to start if you want to explore general or legal transcription as a work-from-home career.

From where we can get Medical Transcription Work?

Medical transcriptionists can work for health care providers—however, many work as freelance transcribers for independent companies.
Once you are confident that your medical transcription skills are adequate, you can apply to most companies via an online application or form. 
We do recommend you work only for U.S.-based medical transcription companies. The market has seen an increase in the number of foreign transcription companies who infer they have U.S. operations.
Unfortunately, these companies are known for producing shoddy work and usually pay low rates, if they pay you at all.
At Transcription Outsourcing, we pay our transcriptionists twice monthly, either via direct deposit or PayPal.  
It’s also a good idea to research the medical transcription industry. An excellent place to begin is by visiting mtstars.com. 
Created exclusively for medical transcriptionists, this website contains a wealth of information such as job postings, a resume bank, and discussion forums on relevant topics.
Conducting your search about the medical transcription field is important. Finally, we highly recommend speaking with someone who has at least two years of experience transcribing medical files.
Their insight into the industry and which companies are best will prove invaluable. If you are an experienced medical transcription professional, we invite you to complete our online employment form. 


What is Medical Transcription?

Medical transcriptionists listen to voice recordings made by physicians, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners and convert them into written reports.
Medical transcriptionists have knowledge of medical terminology and abbreviations in order to prepare medical histories, discharge summaries, and other documents.
Additionally, medical transcriptionists are versed in HIPAA and other privacy laws.

If you have any questions concerning Medical Transcriptionist Job Description, Salary /Skills, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.


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