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11 Most Famous Coffee Chains in the World 2022


11 Top Most Famous Coffee Chains in the World 2022.

Most Famous Coffee Chains in the World: A lot has happened over a cup of coffee. Quarrels have been settled over a cup of coffee and deals have been closed over a cup of coffee. A weekend doesn’t go by without People visiting the café for one reason or another, if not for the Coffee then the free internet.

Most Famous Coffee Chains in the World

Coffee is everywhere in our society today. In every culture, in every part of the world, people drink coffee.

The attentive minds honored this wide appeal, and the more entrepreneurial of them seized the occasion to make coffee a commodity that they could benefit from.

Besides, the moment we see the fruits of their labor in many coffee chains that have taken root worldwide.

Top 11 Most Famous Coffee Chains in the World

1. The Starbucks Coffee Chain

Today it operates 23,768 locations worldwide. Also they have their own undercover coffee house located in Seattle! It is called Roy Street Coffee and Tea which is devoid of any apparent logos or uniforms.

The store is believed to be an experimental hub where new products are tested without brand basis.

Inspired from the character of a novel named Moby Dick or The Whale’s Captain Ahab’s first mate Starbucks was founded by an English teacher Jerry Baldwin, history teacher Zev Sieg and writer Gordon Bowker which was then sold to the present chairman and CEO of the coffee chain Howard Schultz.

2. Mc Cafe Coffee Chain

The coffee house  is owned by Mc Donalds and was founded in the year 1993.

Also, it has a decent presence worldwide and uses 100% authentic coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance Farms. It is very famous in Australia and New Zealand.

3. Tully’s Coffee

With about 300 stores around the world and is owned by Tom T. O’Keefe. This coffee chain is known for its rich and flavoured taste.

Tully’s signature drink is the Bellaccino similar to Starbucks’s Frappuccino,which consists of a blend of milk (non-dairy options included), ice, and other base ingredients such as flavorings and sauces; topped with whipped cream.

4. Tim Hortons

This Coffee Chain  has it’s appellation of origin in Canada. With a domineering presence of 4,590 stores worldwide.

Initially it had an apostrophe but this was removed in the year 1977 owing to French being made the official language of Quebec.

It was started by Jim Charade and the four-time Stanley Cup-winning hockey star Tim Horton. Their classic order “double double” was added to Canada’s Oxford Dictionary in the year 2004.

5. Costa Coffee

It would interest you to know that the coffee taster for Costa Coffee has insured his tongue for £10 million.

The Coffee house has more than 1,700 outlets in the United Kingdom itself and over 1,100 stores throughout the world in 30 countries.

Moreover this is the only coffee house that sources 100% of their beans from Rainforest Alliance farms making it the first chain in United Kingdom to control the whole coffee making process.

Authenticity is what they have always guaranteed and they have proven it with their amazing coffees.

6. Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Chain

Dunkin’ Donuts is probably more well-known for coffee than it is for its doughnuts, and that’s saying something considering it is literally named after doughnuts.

Recently, the company has started a rebrand to simply “Dunkin’” to reflect the increasing popularity of its coffee and other offerings besides doughnuts.

They have around 11,000 locations, making them one of the largest coffee companies, even though they also offer breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and yes, doughnuts.

7. Lavazza Coffee

Lavazza is the oldest company on this list and also the first that isn’t associated with a vast empire of brick and mortar stores.

Founded in Italy in 1895, Lavazza is wildly popular and one of the most famous coffee brands anywhere in the world.

Lavazza’s popularity comes from its impressive selection of high-quality coffee beans and coffee-brewing gear.

8. Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee doesn’t have an impressive array of stores – only 200 locations – but their coffee is sold in 14,000 stores around the world, making them one of the biggest coffee brands.

Unlike the other companies discussed so far, Peet’s is basically entirely focused on the United States, where all but one of their stores are located.

Still, the sheer number of stores that carry them makes them one of the largest coffee producers despite their relatively narrow geographical scope.

9. Gloria Jean’s

Gloria Jean’s is an Australian coffee company with 1,000 stores in almost 40 global markets.

Despite their global presence, they are lesser-known than some other brands, mostly because almost half of their locations are in Australia.

Still, strictly by the numbers, Gloria Jean’s is one of the world’s most famous coffee chains.

10. Caribou Coffee

Rounding out the top ten, we have Caribou Coffee. Founded in 1992 one year before McCafé  in Minnesota, Caribou has slowly grown to be one of the largest and most recognizable coffee companies in the world.

Caribou Coffee has around 600 locations across the world, and like Dunkin’ Donuts, Tim Hortons, and Starbucks, they also serve snacks, baked goods, and other beverages.

11. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Another well-patronized coffee chain worldwide is the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. This coffee shop was established 57 years ago by Herbert Hyman.

As of now, this company already has 1,000 shops that can be found in 31 countries. In the Philippines, it is run by Jollibee Foods Corporation.

Initially, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf only sell coffee, but it started exploring other drinks in 1970 as it expanded to additional ten stores.

Afterward, it also started serving special teas. This coffee shop’s most loved product is Ice Blended Coffee, described as a mixture of ice, chocolate powder, and coffee.

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