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15 Most Popular Leather Supplier in Nigeria

Most Popular Leather Supplier in Nigeria: The Nigerian economy heavily depends on the leather sector. Nigerian leather is renowned for its high quality and is used to create a variety of products for both the domestic market and export, including shoes, purses, clothes, and furniture.




Throughout the nation, there are numerous tanneries and leather suppliers, creating job opportunities and boosting regional economies. We will feature 15 of Nigeria’s most well-known and well-liked leather providers in this article.

15 Most Popular Leather Supplier in Nigeria

List of 15 Most Popular Leather Supplier in Nigeria

1. Majestic Leather Company

One of the largest leather suppliers in Nigeria, Majestic Leather Company has been in business since the 1960s. Headquartered in Kano, northern Nigeria, they source leather from local tanneries and also import high quality leather from abroad. They supply leather mainly to shoe factories and bag makers across Nigeria and for export. Majestic has a wide range of leather types including goat, sheep and cow hides in various colors and finishes. They are known for their prompt delivery and competitive prices.

2. Northern Nigeria Tanneries (NNT)

Operating since the 1950s, NNT runs two large tanneries in Kano producing high quality leather from locally sourced hides and skins. They supply vegetable tanned, semi-aniline and aniline leather finished calf, cow, sheep, goat and camel leather to manufacturers of shoes, bags, garments and furniture. NNT’s quality control and compliance with international environmental standards has enabled it to export leather to markets around the world.

3. Sokoto Calabar Tannery

Located in the eastern city of Calabar, SCT has been a major leather supplier since it opened in 1961. It produces leather mainly from goat and sheep skins which are ethically sourced from local farms and abattoirs. SCT supplies leather to shoemakers, crafters and upholstery workshops across Nigeria. The tannery uses up-to-date techniques and treatments to produce soft, durable leather in a diversity of finishes in reds, blacks, browns and other colors.

4. Kwara Leather Products

Operating from Ilorin, Kwara state since 2004, Kwara Leather Products relies on raw hides from locally bred cattle. They supply high quality leather of various finishes which they market to manufacturers of shoes, bags, belts and other accessories. Kwara Leather Products is one of the major suppliers to the large shoe industry in the city of Aba, in Abia state. The company is known for its competitive prices, prompt delivery and wholesale discounts.

5. Delta Leather Company

From its base in Asaba, Delta state, Delta Leather Company manufactures leather goods and also supplies leather hides to other enterprises. Operating for over 40 years, they specialize in cow, calf and goat leather, supplying leather primarily to manufacturers in southern Nigeria. The company has a reputation for responsiveness to clients’ specifications and quality control.

6. Joswa Leather Industries

Operating in Jos, Plateau state since the 1980s, Joswa Leather Industries focus on producing quality goat and sheep leather for supply across Nigeria. They produce a variety of finishes including high quality European-standard aniline leather. Joswa has the advantage of being located near many of the major shoe factories which they supply in addition to bag and garment makers.

7. Aba Tannery and Leather Enterprises

Based in the major shoemaking hub of Aba, Abia state, Aba Tannery has been producing quality cow hides for decades. They supply leather mainly to local shoe factories helping Aba grow into the shoe manufacturing center it is today. Their prices are competitive as they eliminate transportation costs by supplying locally based manufacturers. Aba Tannery is known for good quality control and operating to high environmental standards.

8. Eke-Okigwe Leather Company

Operating in Imo state since the 1970s, Eke-Okigwe Leather Company produces quality cow hides with a capacity of 7,000 hides monthly. They supply small and medium scale leather goods manufacturers across southern Nigeria as well as to export markets. The company focuses on producing supple, durable leathers from hides sourced from nearby cattle markets and abattoirs.

9. Kaduna Leather Tannery

In operation since the 1950s, Kaduna Leather Tannery based in the northwestern city of Kaduna specializes in high quality cow, camel and sheep leather. They sell leather domestically and also export to markets in Europe and Asia. Kaduna Leather Tannery employs the latest techniques and has a reputation for meeting international quality standards. Their prices are competitive which has enabled them grow their market over the decades.

10. Polaku Leather Products

Operating out of Warri in Delta state since 1998, Polaku Leather Products manufactures quality pigskin leather for sale to garment makers across Nigeria. Their pig leather is prized for its soft, supple feel. The company also produces leather from goats and sheep mainly for the shoe industry. Polaku has a reputation for responsiveness to client specifications and fast turnaround times.

11. Abbey Leather Manufacturers

Located in Lagos, Abbey Leather Manufacturers produces high quality cowhide leather since 2001. They have the latest tannery technologies and techniques, producing aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented leather for a range of applications. Their laboratory ensures quality control through stringent testing protocols. Abbey supplies leather mainly for shoes, bags and leather goods across southwest Nigeria.

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12. Northern Tanners

Kano-based Northern Tanners manufactures quality leather from local hides and skins. Founded in 1994, the company prepares cow, camel and goat leather for shoes, bags and garments. Northern Tanners employs environmentally sound methods and has a reputation for great customer service. Their expert staff can work to customer specifications.

13. Obudu Leather Works

Operating from Obudu in Cross River state since 1988, Obudu Leather Works produces soft, expertly tanned leather from goat and sheep skins sourced from local farms. They supply quality hides and semi-finished leather mainly to manufacturers in southeastern Nigeria. Obudu Leather Works is known for meeting international environmental standards and producing leather that meets the needs of a diversity of industries.

14. Aiana Leather Company

Aiana Leather Company based in Abuja opened in 2009 to supply central Nigeria’s leather goods manufacturers. They produce quality cow, camel, pig, goat and sheep leather using updated tannery methods. Aiana’s laboratory testing ensures their leather meets the highest international standards. Their customer service and ability to work to specifications has earned them praise.

15. Umuahia Leather Tannery

This tannery located in Abia state was founded in the 1970s as part of the drive to support the area’s emergent shoe industry. Umuahia Leather Tannery processes locally sourced cow and goat hides, producing quality leather to supply shoe and bag manufacturers in Aba and beyond. The company is known for continually upgrading their equipment and environmental controls. They produce a diversity of cow and goat leather finishing types.


Nigeria’s leather industry spans the country with tanneries and suppliers providing quality hides and skins from local sources. The leading operators highlighted here demonstrate the depth of experience and expertise the industry has to offer.

With Nigerian leather gaining increasing international recognition, the potential for growth in this sector is substantial. Supporting local tanneries and leather suppliers expands employment opportunities and has positive impacts across Nigeria’s economy.

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