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MSMEs Survival Fund Training For Shortlisted Candidate 2022


CLTC Leadership – MSMEs Survival Fund Training For Shortlisted Candidate 2022.

MSMEs Training For Shortlisted Candidate – CLTC Leadership – MSMEs Survival Fund Online Training For Shortlisted Candidate 2022 commence today for all shortlisted candidate.

MSMEs Online Training

MSMEs Online Training

CLTC Leadership Training: The Nigeria Federal Government Survival Fund For MSMEs invite all shortlisted candidate for online training starting from 8th July 2022.

MSMEs Training Email message to all Shortlisted Candidate

Dear (Shortlisted Candidate Name)

A business owner is a Leader by default because he or she is a Problem-solver who; needs to have a vision for the business, mobilize the necessary resources to run the business, manage other people (customer, staff & investor) and help to meet their needs.

Every successful business owner is therefore a good leader who is able to “against all odds” achieve their business goals, hence the reason why Leadership/Mentorship is part of the “new DEEL” (Digital Skills, Employment, Entrepreneurship& Leadership/Mentoring) Programme of the Ministry of Youth and Sports to build a minimum of 100,000 Verifiable Successful Youth Businesses that will recruit a minimum of 10 others youth annually.

You are therefore invited to the Maiden “CLTC Leadership Training For MSME” holding as follows:

Date: Thursday July 8th, 2022.

Time: 9AM

Venue: Virtual @CLTCAcademy (Facebook & YouTube)

How to Attain Online MSMEs Training

1, Download Zoom in your phone (Android, Apple, Laptop etc)

2, Connect with your username and password that was given to you via your email

If you have any questions concerning MSMEs Training For Shortlisted Candidate, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.


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