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MTN New Code – To Check Balance, Recharge and Borrow


MTN New Code: *303# is the new MTN code for borrowing airtime. You will be able to borrow airtime from MTN using this code. You don’t want to be left without access to your MTN SIM card. MTN continues to be one of the best networks in Africa and has been actively connecting people locally and across great distances.

MTN New Code - To Check Balance, Recharge and Borrow

MTN New Code – To Check Balance, Recharge and Borrow

MTN has its credit for being one of the most credible and reliable network providers with fewer network issues during calls and chats no matter the weather.

For this reason, many people have ventured into using this SIM card. If you are one of their users then you have to take this information seriously.


We are going to be sharing with our readers, new MTN codes for their edification. Yes, it is true that the MTN codes have changed and to actively make use of their services, you will need to have their new USSD codes.

Additionally, readers will know the reasons for the change and will get used to the new codes in no time. Not that you can also make use of the MTN application to load airtime and data.

Here, we are going to provide you with another piece. Our readers in this section are going to get information on how to check their balances.


Checking on their balance is another process readers need to know about. If you do not know how to check your balance, you have just met the right section which will provide information on how to do about that.

However, if you have recharged your line, you will need to check your balance and time to time revise how much remains in your balance.

To do this, you must have access to their balance-checking USSD code. To check your airtime balance, simply dial *310# and you will get the balance of your data in on time.


If you have followed the procedure listed above, you have successfully checked your balance and can continue to recharge if you are out of airtime.

MTN New Code- Borrow

Here is the first section of the post and an important piece of information for readers to take note of. If you are making use of MTN then you should get to know this.


We are going to be sharing information here regarding MTN New Code. Yes, it is true that MTN has an active and new code which they are making use of.

The new MTN code is one that no user should miss out on. The Codes are entirely different from the previous and if you do not have any idea about it, you will benefit from your reading experience in this post.

The new code for borrowing airtime from MTN is *303#. Note that the other procedures that follow after the code remain the same.


You can now borrow and pay back actively by entering this code. However, using the old code will produce no result for you, it is ideal you make use of the new code.

Recharging your MTN number and Checking for balance has an entirely different code. Read down to find out the active code for these other services.

MTN New Code- How to Recharge


This is another intriguing section of the post that our readers would love to read. What we are going to be giving to our readers in this section of the post is one piece they have been looking for.

Readers, in this section, will get to know how to recharge their new or old MTN line. Note that MTN has changed their services for recharging and other services.

To run these services, you will need to make use of their new code. As we have provided the code for borrowing anole, we are going to do the same in this section by providing you with the code to recharge your line.


To recharge your line, you will need to enter * 303* as the Number#.  However, the code is not for bonuses but for the neutral and normal recharge card codes.

If you use the above code, you will actively recharge your line with no stress of any kind. However, if you do not have money to recharge your line, you can continue to borrow.

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How to Buy Data

This is another section to discuss MTN’s new code. Are you an MTN user? then you must want to purchase data.

If you have been trying to purchase data on your MTN SIM and find it impossible to complete, you have found just the post that will help you with that.


Here, we will be giving you information on how to buy data with your MTN SIM. To buy data, simply type in *312#

Select your preferred data plan and then subscribe to your phone, use the auto-renew if you want your data to renew when your data finishes or use the one-off option to purchase data for one time.

With the process listed in the section, you can actively buy any data plan you wish. Read the subsequent section to see how to load and recharge your line with the use of their application.


Download MTN APP

Yes, this is the last section of the post and here, we are going to provide you with the procedure on how to recharge, check balance, borrow and buy data with the use of the MTN APP.

MTN has an application which one can make use of to recharge and run other services, if you have been looking for it, we will give you a procedure on how to download the application.


Follow the procedure below to download the application;

  • With an active data connection
  • Enter your Play Store
  • On the search engine, type in; MTN APP
  • Click on the Install button
  • Click on the Enable button on the right hand of your screen
  • Open the application.

If you make use of the steps above, you will successfully download the application.

If you have any questions concerning MTN New Code – To Check Balance, Recharge and Borrow, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.


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