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NASIMS Portal Login www.nasims.gov.ng Check NASIMS Website for Batch C Update

NASIMS Portal Login: The Npower Batch C test login page is now available at nasims.gov.ng. To access the NASIMS portal, simply follow the instructions provided below. The official Npower NASIMS login page is located at onlinetest.nasims.gov.ng.




NASIMS Portal Login www.nasims.gov.ng Check NASIMS Website for Batch C Update

NASIMS Portal Login www.nasims.gov.ng Check NASIMS Website for Batch C Update

We are delighted to announce that the NASIMS dashboard login, available at www.nasims.gov.ng, is currently open. This allows Npower Batch C applicants to log in and undertake their online assessment test. The Nasims gov ng portal was established specifically for Npower Batch C applicants, providing them with the opportunity to log in and participate in the online assessment test.

If you are a participant in Npower Batch C, please proceed to www.nasims.gov.ng. Once there, use your provided ID and password to log in. Upon successful login, navigate to the online test page to begin the assessment. It’s important to note that updating your information on the www.nasims.gov.ng portal before taking the test is also a requirement.

For those currently benefiting from Npower, the www.nasims.gov.ng portal serves as a platform for present beneficiaries. Individuals who have previously taken the Npower test through the NASIMS portal can also access their results on the www.nasim.gov.ng website. Additionally, anticipate the publication of the names of selected/shortlisted applicants on the same site.

NASIMS Payroll Tab in Npower Dashboard

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has intensified efforts to ensure that the Stream 1 beneficiaries of the Batch C Npower Programme receive their October stipends without further delay.

Among the recent activities is the activation of the Payroll Tab, a section within each Npower beneficiary’s profile at www.nasims.gov.ng, where every monthly payment made to the beneficiary is automatically recorded.

The Payroll Tab serves as a bank statement that displays all details of payments received by each beneficiary and can be utilized to resolve payment issues when they arise.

The Npower Management has encouraged the beneficiaries to remain patient while their payments are deposited into their valid bank accounts, as already provided during registration.

The beneficiaries of the Batch C Npower Programme should also understand that once the payment commences, not all beneficiaries will receive their stipends simultaneously.

This discrepancy is usually due to the large number of beneficiaries to be paid and the network status of the beneficiary’s chosen bank account.

The beneficiaries should, however, note that all payments are typically concluded within 48 hours once the payment process begins.

All are urged to remain calm and optimistic, as the payment process for the beneficiaries will be completed before the end of next week.

How to Log in to NASIMS Portal

To access your NASIMS Dashboard or Portal for the purpose of updating your NPower batch C profile, kindly adhere to the following instructions:

Step 1: Navigate to the website: www.nasims.gov.ng to make updates to your NPower batch C Profile, complete assessments, and proceed with additional procedures.

Step 2: For your initial login, retrieve your password by following the steps outlined below:

  • a) Go to the official Portal at www.nasims.gov.ng.
  • b) Select the “Login” option.
  • c) Input the email address you used for your N-POWER application.
  • d) Click on the “Send Link” button.
  • e) Check your email inbox and follow the provided instructions to reset your password.

How to Check if you are Shortlisted on the NASIMS Dashboard

After you log on to the NASIMS Portal as stated above.

  1. Click on the Deployment icon written on the platform to see if you are posted to location.
  2. If selected, download the deployment letter liked below the name of PPA.
  3. Then, make sure you go for the physical verification at the said centre.
  4. Before going to get your accetance letter at the PPA assigned to you.

To begin the NPower Batch C Test online, make sure you prepare yourself with NPower Previous Online Test Questions and Answers.

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Why Your Email Address is Saying Account not found on NASIMS Login Portal

If you get a response like an Account Not Found on the NASIMS Login Portal, it means you weren’t shortlisted or the email address you entered was not associated with the one you used during your NPower application.

What is the procedure for the NPower Batch C Applicant Test?

Starting your NPower batch C Test is very easy and stress-free. All you need to do is to click on the Test button at the top right-hand corner of your NASIMS Dashboard.

Once the NPower batch C Test portal opens, click on start test.

Remember, the NPower batch C test is time base and you are expected to answer 20 questions in 10 minutes.

Note the following;

  1. The test cannot be retaken after submission
  2. You cannot skip any question
  3. Every question is allotted an equal score
  4. If you are timed out after the third attempt without submitting, you will not be able to take the test again.

Why You’re not getting the NASIMS Forgot Password Link when You enter Your Email Address

If you click on forgot password on the NASIMS Login Portal and you get a response that your password reset link has been sent to your email address but you didn’t get the password reset link in your email immediately.

Please don’t panic, sometimes it takes up to 30 – 1 hour before it arrives in your inbox.

How to know if You have been shortlisted or Deployed on the NASIMS Portal

To find out if you have been deployed as an Npower Batch C beneficiary, kindly click on the ‘Deployment’ button on your NPower NASIMS profile.

If you have not been deployed, you will receive a response stating:

“Dear [Your Name], you have not been deployed yet.”

If you have not been deployed yet, please check back for deployment information after the deployment date has been set.

However, if you have been deployed, you will receive a response like:


Dear [Your Name], you have been deployed as an Npower Batch C Beneficiary.

If you have any questions concerning NASIMS Portal Login www.nasims.gov.ng Check NASIMS Website for Batch C Update, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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