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NECO Geography Questions and Answers 2022/2023


NECO Geography Questions and Answers – Essay and Objectives 2022/2023.

NECO Geography Questions and Answers: Below is the NECO Geography practical answers 2022: Get NECO Geography Questions Objective and Practical for Paper III & I: Objective & Practical/Physical – Geography.

NECO Geography Questions and Answers

NECO Geography Practical Answers

About NECO: The National Examination Council is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and November/December respectively.

Today’s NECO Geography OBJ Answers


NECO Geography Practical and Essay Answers: (Physical) – Friday 22nd July, 2022

Geography Practical -Answers

Length of secondary school from ilora to adutain town =23cm
ilora to adutain =11.5km

(i)the School
(ii)the hospital
(iii)the Rivers


(i) It is cost effective and requires less manpower as it is tool-based.
(ii) It requires field study to interpret data into useful information

(i) It is a costly affair as the data is incurred from space and through sensors and satellites.
(ii) It reduces manual work and ground field study.

(i) In Telecommunication: Satellite remote sensing have been found to be more useful and relevant in telecommunication. The satellite remote sensing has made it possible for regional, national and international communication without being in direct contact with human beings.

(ii) In Transportation: The availability of high resolution commercial remote sensing has contributed to a revolution to the transport network. The satellite remote sensing is useful to transportation, it helps to improve the trafficability of the roads and also contributed greatly in the movement of aero planes, jets and even seen beyond the bonds of human eye sight.

(i) Inadequate Power
(ii) Inadequate Personnel
(iii) Inadequate Personnel
(iv) Inadequate capital
Environmental Resources are those organic and inorganic natural materials which are of great value to man, animals and plants.

(i) Atmospheric resources
(ii) Human resources
(iii) Mineral resources
(iv) Land resources

(i)Natural resources, economic growth, and sustainable development; Natural resource utilization, pollution, and other environmental considerations have become critical to the possibilities of long-run economic growth and by extension sustainable development. The effect of natural resources on society is as old as human activities as the environment inserts itself between nature and society. Economic activities (production, exchange, and consumption) generate environmental problems while the depletion of scarce renewable and nonrenewable natural resources raise concerns about the sustainability of economic rents from the exploitation of natural resources.

(ii)The nexus of economics and sustainable development; Economic activities lead to transformation of natural resources into consumable/usable goods and services, in other words, production of goods and services, create income earning job opportunities for achieving best outcomes of SWF. However, as more intense economic activities push up the SWF, it generates environmental drawbacks such as pollution that tends to affect social welfare negatively. In other words It could also give rise to environmental challenges such as pollution and associated adverse health and social adversities in form of negative externalities.

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