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Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2023 Latest January Salary Scale


Nigerian Army Salary Structure: Knowing the Nigerain army salary stucture is not just a bad idea as the the Nigerian Army has played a major role in the country in terms of security and perhaps they deserve bountiful and enviable rewards as salary.

Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2023 Latest January Salary Scale

Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2023 Latest January Salary Scale

Contrary to the belief of some people that Nigerian Soldiers earn a heavy monthly salary, we find out the Nigerian army salary earned every month end by Soldiers according to their ranks.

A Nigerian soldier is being paid according to his or her rank and years of service. The Nigerian Army’s basic function is to safeguard the nation against any sort of external aggression.

Support the interest of its citizens and country and they know it to be the largest in West Africa, however, according to a report on globalsecurity.org, most of the soldiers can perform a little more than the basic defensive operations.

Brief History of the Nigerian Army

During the independence period, the number of indigenous men and officers in the Nigerian army was totalling 18,000. Payments made to these officers were in shillings.

It was not until the mid-1970 that the number rose significantly to 126,000. They paid the salaries of these military men in pounds.

Therefore, They split these officers into three divisions. The reason for the increase in number was because of more able-bodied people enlisted in the army because of the Nigerian civil war.

Then, the salary structure of the Nigerian Army officers had not yet been allotted by the supreme military council because of the crisis that rocked Nigeria. Possibly, they paid officers using the British pounds and scale.

Because of the reorganisation by Obasanjo, salaries improved as he could improve the logistics of the division. This improvement heralded the end of the civil war as they deployed offensive tactics to defeat the Biafran soldiers.

Salary Structure of the Nigerian Army

Salary structure for non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian army after an increase in the minimum wage:

NO.LevelMonthly Salary
1Private SoldierN48-49,000
2Lance CorporalN54-55,000
5Staff SergeantN68,000
6Warrant OfficerN80,000
7Master Warrant Officer earnsN90,000

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for Commissioned Officers

NO.LevelMonthly Salary
1Second LieutenantN120,000
5Lt. ColonelN350,000
7Brigadier GeneralN750,000
8Major GeneralN950,000
9Lt. GeneralN1.5 million
10GeneralN1 million

Those are the current salary of Nigerian soldiers. What is your take on the new Nigerian Army Salary structure 2022?

Crocodile Smile and Operation Python Dance Salary Scale

You might wonder how much is the salary of soldiers fighting Boko Haram? (Crocodile Smile and Operation Python Dance).

According to an authoritative report, it states Nigerian soldiers fighting Boko Haram earn N60K as salary.

Meanwhile, another report debunked it and put the correct figure as N49,000 equivalent to $249 monthly or £157 monthly while the daily feeding allowance is N500.

You should know the Nigerian army is the largest of the Nigerian Armed forces but not the highest-paid.

It is their sole duty to be responsible for land warfare operations, just like the Navy protects the water boundaries of the nation.

However, The Airforce secures Nigeria’s air space against external threats.

The Nigerian Army is among the most equipped military in Africa and its affairs are dully managed by the Nigerian Army Council.

However, the Chief of Army staff is also the head commander of the army and his salary is the highest.

Since its inception, they have been involved in various peacekeeping missions and series of combats, both on the local and international scene. The latest of these wars is the war against the Boko Haram insurgents.

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How Much Does Nigeria Army Earn Monthly?

For the Non-Commissioned Officers

Private Soldier is Paid #50,000 Monthly. Lance Corporal Earns #57,000 Monthly. Corporal Collects #62,000 Monthly. Sergeant Is Paid #68,000 Monthly.

What is the Salary Structure of the Nigerian Army?

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for Commissioned Officers

Lt. ColonelN350,000

How Much is Recruit Soldier Salary in Nigeria?

A recruit is a military personnel who has been newly enlisted for military training and employment and has just been drafted as a Member of the Nigerian army.
An Army recruit earns a monthly salary of 10,000 – 12,000 naira.

How Much is the Salary of a Captain in the Nigerian Army?

Nigerian Army salary by ranks

Lieutenant Colonel₦350,000

How Much is Brigadier General Salary in Nigeria?

Nigerian Army Ranks and Salaries 2023

1Major GeneralN950,000
2Brigadier GeneralN750,000
4Lieutenant ColonelN350,000

Can You Have a Side Job While in the Military?

Yes, you’re allowed to have a side job in the military, but you have to get it approved by your command first.
Also, it’s easy but still something you need to go through before starting up a side gig.
Therefore, the process is going to depend on your branch of service and your command.

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