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Nigerian Navy Screening Date and Examination Centres 2022/2023


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Nigerian Navy Recruitment Screening Date and Examination Centres Nationwide.

Nigerian Navy Screening Date/Examination Centres: Below is the list of Nigerian Navy DSSC recruitment exercise exams/aptitude test centres for all the applicants.

Nigerian Navy Screening Date/Examination Centres

Nigerian Navy Screening Date/Examination Centres

The origin of the Nigerian Navy could be traced to the colonial marine Department of the Royal Navy. This Department was established in 1887 as a quasi-military organization combining the duties of the present-day Nigerian Ports Authority.

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The Nigerian Navy is a branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is among the largest navies on the African continent, consisting of several thousand personnel, including those of the Coast Guard…Read More.


1. The candidates whose names appear below were successful at the Nigerian Navy Basic Training School Batch 33 Recruitment Examination held on 12 March 2022. Candidates are hereby invited to attend an interview at the following centres Nigerian Navy Secondary School Ojo (Navy Town), Lagos, Nigerian Navy Secondary School Borokiri Port Harcourt, Rivers State or NDA Old Site, Kaduna as designated for their state of origin. Candidates are to attend the interview at the specified centres in accordance with the States of Origin/Batch as indicated below.

1 .North East (NE)AdamawaNDA Old Site KadunaKaduna (Batch A) Saturday 9 -19 April 2022
2 .BauchiNDA Old Site Kaduna
3 .BornoNDA Old Site Kaduna
4 .GombeNDA Old Site Kaduna
5 .TarabaNDA Old Site Kaduna
6 .YobeNDA Old Site Kaduna
7 .North West (NW)JigawaNDA Old Site KadunaKaduna (Batch B) Wednesday 20 -29 April 2022
8 .KadunaNDA Old Site Kaduna
9 .KanoNDA Old Site Kaduna
10 .KatsinaNDA Old Site Kaduna
11 .KebbiNDA Old Site Kaduna
12 .SokotoNDA Old Site Kaduna
13 .ZamfaraNDA Old Site Kaduna
14 .North Central (NC)BenueNNSS Ojo LagosLagos (Batch A) Saturday 9 -19 April 2022
15 .FCTNNSS Ojo Lagos
16 .KogiNNSS Ojo Lagos
17 .KwaraNNSS Ojo Lagos
18 .NasarawaNNSS Ojo Lagos
19 .NigerNNSS Ojo Lagos
20 .PlateauNNSS Ojo Lagos
21 .South West (SW)EkitiNNSS Ojo LagosLagos (Batch B) Wednesday 20 -29 April 2022
22 .LagosNNSS Ojo Lagos
23 .OgunNNSS Ojo Lagos
24 .OndoNNSS Ojo Lagos
25 .OsunNNSS Ojo Lagos
26 .OyoNNSS Ojo Lagos
27 .South East (SE)AbiaNNSS Borokiri Port HarcoutPort Harcourt (Batch A) Saturday 9 -19 April 2022
28 .AnambraNNSS Borokiri Port Harcout
29 .EbonyiNNSS Borokiri Port Harcout
30 .EnuguNNSS Borokiri Port Harcout
31 .ImoNNSS Borokiri Port Harcout
32 .South South (SS)Akwa IbomNNSS Borokiri Port HarcoutPort Harcourt (Batch B) Wednesday 20 -29 April 2022
33 .BayelsaNNSS Borokiri Port Harcout
34 .Cross RiverNNSS Borokiri Port Harcout
35 .DeltaNNSS Borokiri Port Harcout
36 .EdoNNSS Borokiri Port Harcout
37 .RiversNNSS Borokiri Port Harcout

2. The interview would be conducted concurrently at the centres from 9 – 29 April 2022. The interview will include screening/verification of credentials/certificates, medical/physical and written tests. Candidates are to come along with the following items:

a. Originals and photocopies of their credentials.

b. Originals and photocopies of valid Drivers’ Licence (Category H only).

c. Original and photocopy of State of Origin/LGA certificate.

d. National Identity Card/Acknowledgment Slip.

e. Writing materials.

f. Two pairs of navy blue shorts and 2 white (unmarked) T Shirts.

g. A pair of canvas/trainer and stockings.

h. Bed sheets and pillow cases.

i. Set of cutlery.

j. Four (4) recent 30X30mm passport sized photographs on white background.

k. Face masks and hand sanitizers.

l. Personal Toiletries (Bathing and washing soaps, Tooth Paste and brush e.t.c).

3. Candidates will be interviewed individually and if found deficient of any required criterium (criteria), his/her candidature shall be terminated at any stage of the interview.

4. If any information/declaration given by the candidates at any time during the entire selection process is found to be fake/false/wrong, his/her candidature shall be cancelled and he/she may be handed over to the Nigeria Police Force for possible prosecution.

5. Failure by any applicant to provide accurate information concerning his/her medical history during the entire selection process as stated on the Medical Examination Pro forma will result in automatic withdrawal from training and dismissal even when already in the Service.

6. Any candidate who fails to report for screening at specified centre for their State of Origin on the stipulated date for his/her Batch will forfeit his/her candidature.

7. All concerned are to note and comply accordingly

The management of the Nigerian Navy hereby informs all Nigerian Navy aspirants that the Screening Date and Examination centres have been released for the upcoming pre-screening examination exercise. See Nigerian Navy Screening Date/Examination Centres below

Nigerian Navy Examination Centres

Abuja – Command Day Secondary School, Mogadishu Barracks.

Bauchi – Command Day Secondary School, Shadawanka Barracks.

Owerrinta – Nigerian Navy Finance and Logistics School, Owerrinta.

Lagos – Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ojo.

Port-Harcourt – Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Borokiri.

Sokoto – Army Day Secondary School, Giginya Barracks.

Nigerian Navy Screening Date & Additional Instructions

1, Applicants will be required to submit for scrutiny, the original copies of the documents at the recruitment centres and during the final selection interview. Applicants will be required to present the following documents if selected for the zonal recruitment test:

1, Two recent passport size photographs to be stamped and countersigned by officer of appropriate rank specified, Local Government Chairmen/Secretaries and other specified officers in Paragraph 8.
2, Photocopies of:

  • Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age (Any age declaration done later than 4 years to this exercise will not be acceptable).
  • Educational/Trade Certificates.
  • Indigenship certificate from applicant’s State of Origin

2, Any applicant suspected to have impersonated or submitted false document(s) shall be disqualified from the selection exercise. Also, any false declaration detected later may lead to withdrawal from training. Such applicants may be handed over to the Police for prosecution. The Nigerian Air Force will not entertain any enquiries in respect of applicants whose applications have been rejected. Interested applicants are to note that online registration is free of charge. Applicants are required to fill valid email addresses and Telephone numbers in the appropriate spaces provided in the application form.

3, On completion of the application forms, applicants must print out the Acknowledgment Slip.

Nigerian Navy Screening Date/Examination Centres: Candidates are to also bring along original copies of their credentials, HB pencils, eraser, and ruler. Candidates are also advised to regularly check this site for any update that may be conveyed regarding the aptitude test.


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