1. What should I my loans tatus is showing in process since April what should I do
    I never attended the training and never received message what should I do

  2. I registered for second batch. My loan status has being showing in process for over a month now and recently the login portal is taking too long to open, what might have been the reason. Please help!

  3. Please I’ve been able to login and get my verification email… But lately when I try to login it shows invalid token. Why?

  4. My loan application is pending for approval and now I can’t see anything in the site I can only see invalid token. What is really happening.

  5. Please I attended the training last Monday and yet my status is still showing in process pls what should I do.

  6. My name is among the 10,000 shortlisted candidates but i didn’t receive any messages from NYIF… I’ve check my email nothing I’ve seen and I’ve send messages but non of the staff reply me . I’ve done training on 17 November 2021.
    Please is there another batch or these is the last Batch..

    Thank you sir

  7. Please have received a text in my mail and sms that the loan of 250000 was approved to me and have accepted the offer by register the account with NPF microfinance bank and the account number has been submitted to the link sent to me, then I later received another link from NYIF regarding the offer letter, have printed the letters and filled and sent to the provided emial address, but up till now no respond and loan disbursement yet. Please what is the issue and next line of action


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