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Palmpay Customer Care Number | How to Contact Palmpay


Palmpay Customer Care Number: The majority of people are currently looking for ways to receive the palmpay, so palmpay Customer Care Number and contact information have been sought after.

Palmpay Customer Care Number | How to Contact Palmpay

Palmpay Customer Care Number | How to Contact Palmpay

It is obvious that most people have been looking for how to get and contact palmpay through their official palmpay customer care line.

There is no better place and information for which you can get the palmpay app for other information.


We therefore have given you the necessary information which will be useful for all users to contact and see detailed description of the palmPay customer care.

Palmpay Customer Care Number

Most people have so many issues when it comes to the palmpay app processing and these issues cannot be solve except users get to contact the primary customer care line/ customer care support number for palmpay.


Just Like bolt Customer care Line We will give you the full and entire palmpay application details for you to know how the app is being processed and information about palmpay loan is seen on the app, but when it comes to contacting the customer care services, we have provided Palmpay Customer Care Number and line for you.

Palmpay Limited

Palmpay is a payment company that provides lot of services ranging from loan and others, but the major service rendered by palmpay is payments and hence we scan says that palmpay is a payment gateway that allows users to be able to make and receive payments.

With palmpay, you make all sort of payment online and the most important thing to note is that the application allows you to make payments through an easy step by step guide.


But before you make or receive payments, you will first create palmpay account by signing up with your username and your mail.

Opay App and Palmpay App are two different apps and companies that are not related by any means

You can process any transaction with palmpay and thus, this transaction being process is easy and quickly accessible.


Palmpay as an app was launched in Nigerian in Lagos in November 2019 and since it’s launched, it has offer amazing services to its customers.

The company is worth $40 Million and it has lot of investors from Lagos and other international investors who are ready to invest in palmpay.

Investors like TECNO Mobile, NetEase, MediaTek have approached the company for partnership and other business deals.


Palmpay has made life meaningful and online transactions are now very easy with the app.

Apparently, the company is worth $40M With it’s CEO as Greg Reeve but it has less that 20 staff employees who work

Palmpay app in most cases may not have the Palmpay Customer Care Number for contact and that’s why we have provided this full write up on palmpay app and contact details for palmpay through the application.


There is no better of letting you to know about Palmpay Customer Care Number without first letting you know about the palmpay app which makes the app to be easily accessible.

Palmpay app is one of the best when it comes to bank app and thus all downloads can be done through google playstore as playstore remains the best place for which you can get the palpay app.

Palmpay allows you to quickly deliver to your wallet and you can use the funds on your wallet to process any kind of transaction.


Unlike other transfer that charges much for transfer, Palmpay charges N10 percent for money sent to other account.

The App allows for a swift download and once you click on install, your application will start the installation process immediately.

You can trust palmpay app for any kind of transaction and bill payments and within a twinkle of an eye, all your transaction can be completed with palmpay.


To Contact Palmpay you can reach out them through 0700 PALMPAY and you will get to the official customer care line for palmcare.

Send them a mail to their support mail address at support@palmfinance.com or you visit the site palmpay,co

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Palmpay Login and App Download

Once you have signed up, you can just login to the app with your login details and your password and this app is is accessed when you are online and connected to the internet.

In the case of forgetting your password, then you can use your email to retrieve your password and login details and you can now login once you have processed and retrieved your login details.

Without having the correct login details to the app, you may not just be able to login to your account and we want you to ensure that you have been able to login to the app.


Like Kiakia App, Once you have login to the app, you can just process any transaction which you want to, but before then, you will have to fund your wallets with your atm card.

You will get rewarded on every login which have done for palmpay and aside from that you get rewarded with discount on any transaction which you have to make with Palmpay app.

Here is what you will just be able to do with Palmpay app when you login to the app.

  • Pay Bills like phd and ors
  • Buy airtime from your wallets and
  • Receives and send money to friends and love ones
  • Fund your account directly without going to the bank

Plampay POS Palmpay Nigeria

There is a newly introduced feature for palmpay which is the palmpay pos and it still allows you to complete several transactions for Palmpay.

Palmpay with its new POS allows all users to just pay for Bitcoin and other coin. At the various place of transaction, users can receive several coins such as BitEUR, bitRuBle and others.

Some people have experience certain difficulties with the smart coin and that’s why we have now showed you Palmpay Customer Care Number to solve any problem that you may encounter with the app.


With the palmpay Point of Sales crypto, it does not require that you have any active bank account with Palmpay.

This is a digital crypto gateway for all crypto transactions and you can complete and access all kinds of transaction with palmpay within 3 seconds of doing any kind of transaction.

Customer can pay and receive any coin that is on the coin base of palmpay and just to let you know that those who can make transaction on palmpay will only have to pay and transact from any kind of wallet


Features of Palmpay App

  1. You get rewarded for every transaction done on your app and this rewards usually deposited straight to your wallet.
  2. In summary you will just get 10% for any airtime which is purchased from the app and you earn about 5% for any other bill payment.
  3. The reward of getting N100 as a referral bonus is done on palmpay and as your invitees joins the platform, and start transacting via the app, they also stand a chance of earning about N150.
  4. Your account can be funded with your ATM and this funding does not take time to process.

Palmpay Loan

For now we are not certain if palmpay offers loans as many persons have reach out to the customer care through the Palmpay Customer Care Number asking for loans from palmpay and thus this often case lots of confusion as there is no notification of any loan offered by palmpay.

For now, we have not found out if palmpay offers loans to its customer as we have only known this to be a payment gateway for users. Fairmoney Offers Loans to its customers

Don’t confuse between palm credit loan app and palmpay app for payments as this are two different loans entirely.


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