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Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography – Age and Wife

Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography: In Nigeria, there are many outstanding guys who have achieved success in their own disciplines. These persons have achieved success in a variety of fields.




Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography - Age and Wife

Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography – Age and Wife

They are known not only in Nigeria but also across Nigeria. many people are now looking for the Biography of this Nigerian great man.

They wish to know all about them as they have suddenly become so prominent. There are a lot of them as of now and more are still to come.

Here, we have successfully given information about most of these great men and the works they have done.

We have also successfully seen their biography and what they do that has made them so prominent in the world today.

These great men are not only businessmen but they are also Pastors who have greatly affected the lives of many.

Here we one to see the biography of a great man who is also a pastor. This great man is no other than Pastor Emmanuel Iren.

The information regarding Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography is a very interesting one as everybody will get to love it.

This information contains the life story, education, birth, ministry, and much other information regarding this man.

We are also going to move further to see his wife and all his accomplishments in his ministry. All the impacts that this man of God has made in the lives of people are also here.

As we move on, we will get to see a lot of information regarding Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography as it is all here.

Read down to know more about Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography as there is a lot of information regarding it here.

Introduction to Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography

The story of every great man in life usually ends with the achievements that have made him great. He was not just born great but has arisen to fame.

Presently, a lot of people are leaving the shadows to become prominent people in life. They are tired of sitting back to watch another move forward while they stay as spectators.

These people are tired of watching others but now want others to watch them. With this, they are presently becoming great in life.

The story of great people has greatly inspired a lot of people as they have successfully become great in life today.

Here, we want to see the Biography of one of the many great men of God in life. This man is no other than Pastor Emmanuel Iren.

We want to see the full information regarding Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography as many people presently want to know about it.

With this, you will know the impact that this man has made in the lives of people and in various countries of the world.

In this information regarding Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography, one will be able to easily know the whole story of this man’s life.

To know this information, move on to other sections of this post as the age, background, education, ministry, and other information regarding this man are here.

Age, Background, Early Life of Pastor Emmanuel Iren

Every man has where he originated from before coming to the light for all to see. His origin is what we know as his background.

In this section of Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography, we will get to see his age, background as well as early life.

His parents as well as other details of his life are in this section of his biography. We will get to know all of these as we move on with this post.

Pastor Emmanuel Iren was born on the 18th of December, 1989 in Lagos. He also grew up there and is still living there.

Pastor Emmanuel’s parents were well to do and they did everything in their power to ensure that he did not lack anything while growing up.

He grew up with his other siblings. We do not know his position in the family as he has not disclosed a lot of information regarding his background to everyone.

With the above information of his birth, one will be able to calculate and know the age of this man of God.

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Education of Pastor Emmanuel Iren

The education of every man is a very important section of his life. Most people use education to make it in life as it adds knowledge to one.

Many people are looking forward to this aspect of Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography so that they can get to know if he is highly educated.

They hope to know the educational level that he has achieved in life so that they can assess how educated he is.

As we move on with this section of this post, we will get to know the educational status of Pastor Emmanuel Iren.

Pastor Emmanuel started from Saint Bernadettes Nursery and Primary School in Ipaja, Lagos. From there he moved on to Queen’s Choice Nursery and Primary School College in Ikotun, Lagos.

In Queen’s choice Nursery and Primary School College, he completed his secondary education. After his primary education, he went to Doregos Private Academy for his secondary education.

Pastor Emmanuel completely went through his secondary education and moved to further his education to the next level.

He got admission into the Covenant University where he studied Building Technology. Pastor Emmanuel is now a graduate of Building Technology from this university.

From here, Pastor Emmanuel went forward to get his Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Lagos.

The career of Pastor Emmanuel Iren

The career of a great man is very important as one will get to know why he has come out to be very outstanding.

Here, in this section of Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography, we are going to see a lot about his career and what he does for a living.

We will get to see what has made him so popular that his names are on the lips of many people all over Nigeria.

Pastor Emmanuel Iren received his ministerial calling while as an undergraduate at Covenant University. In 2008, he began ministering to people.

He began a fellowship known as Triumphal Youth Fellowship still while on Campus and the fellowship grew across the campus and became a ministry of its own.

This ministry is known as Life Triumphal Church and he inaugurated the first campus of the church at the age of 22 years.

The inauguration was on the 11th of November, 2012 at the Emsquare, Ijegun. Later in 2014, the church was named the Celebration Church International to this day.

Pastor Emmanuel is also the songwriter for the Outburst Music Group which happens to be a Christian record label.

He launched his first musical album back in 2017 and he released another titled ‘Octane’ another year. This man has many songs to his name.

Pastor Emmanuel got the recognition of the YNaija church 100 as one of the 100 people that has made a great impact in the body of Christ for the past one year as at April 2020.

This aspect of Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography is a very important section. With it, we will get to know who his wife is and how they got married.

Many people have been looking for this section of this post. Here, they will get all the necessary information regarding it.

Pastor Emmanuel Iren is married. He got married to his present wife back in November 2014. The name of his wife is Laju Iren.

As of now, the marriage is blessed with two lovely children all female. Their names are Ruby-Grace and Nadia.

Here is very important information that all should take note of. It is about Pastor Emmanuel Iren Biography.

There are a lot of people that have been looking for this information. Some have not been able to find it. Here, we have given out full information regarding this man.

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