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Post Jamb Preparation: 15 things to Do After Passing Jamb

Post Jamb Preparation: If you were successful in clearing the UTME examinations this year, you might not know what to do next. However, obtaining a passing score on the Jamb is not the only requirement for admission; additional challenges must also be overcome.




Post Jamb Preparation: 15 things to Do After Passing Jamb

Post Jamb Preparation: 15 things to Do After Passing Jamb

You scored an amazing score in Jamb, interesting! But what is the next step.  Before you wrote Jamb, your dream and ambition has always been that you should pass Jamb and make a pretty good score. You concentrated effort, time and resources to making sure that this is done. Congratulations! You did well.

After scoring a good score in Jamb, of course, your next ambition is to prepare for higher institution  and these are the things to do now that you have pass Jamb.

  1. Research on your course of study/institution

Know exactly the course you fill for and the course you will be studying for. This can only be done through you researching on your course of study. Endeavor to get more information from people about the course of study as well as your institution of study. Statistics have proves that people who actually research on the on course of study are actually not given away to ignorance in their first.

Get deep knowledge about what you will be studying for instead of bettering around the bush.  Know the basic things you have to do, which your institution require from you.

  • Tell family and friends

Don’t be mute, and silence over your admissions progress. After Passing Jamb Tell other people that you will be leaving for school soon, so that you will not get them confuse when you leave. It is often said that; Education requires all amount of commitment. Yes! even financially commitment will be needed on the high side and  Informing your family members/friends of your decision to proceed to the higher institution might give you some amount of financial support from their side.

Let your family and friends to know about your decision to proceed to the higher institution will help to reduce the surprise when you actually started.

  • Make friends with those who are studying your perspective course

You are done with those whom you related together while preparing for Jamb. The next sets of people to make friends with are those who are studying the same course with you.  Make friend s who are ahead of you and try to connect with those who graduated from the course you are about to study. Connecting with these people will create amazing relationship thereby getting help when necessary.

  • Study for Prepare for your course of study

After you have finish Jamb, you need to study ahead for the course that you will be studying. That’s the more reason while you have to make friends and connect with the people ahead of you. These are the people who will tell you difficult courses to prepare ahead for it and it will go a long way to provide necessary materials for your studying delight.

  • Prepare your documents for interviews/screening

After you have pass Jamb, note that the next step is to get ready for screening exercise which will be conducted by your choice institution of study. In the screening, various documents will be needed such as your SSCE, certificate of origin, certificate of birth and other certificate.  In case you don’t have your necessary certificate, use this time to procure them for yourself because they will be needed.

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  • Have a plan/goal for your tertiary institution

Your plan was to make things possible in order to gain admission into the higher institution. That plan has been achieved

So what next?

After Passing Jamb, You should now make a plan and a goal for your five years or four years stay  in the higher institution.  A plan for your stay in the higher institution will help you to remain focus without drifting when you get to the higher institution.

  • Plan on getting finances After Passing Jamb

Believe it or not, the higher institution will require lot of your time and money and a period before you go into school is the best time to garner your finances that might be need for certain expenses. Your parents or sponsors may not be able to carter for all your financial needs when you are in school. This is now the best time to strategize means that will help you to get extra money.

You can gather money for yourself either by seeking for help from family, friends and mentors or you can choose to pick up a temporary job for the period of waiting for your screening.

  • Make more friends in the higher institution

Your friends in life will actually affect your altitude in your life. Make friends with good students and lecturers of the higher institution, but don’t pride yourself by doing this. A good friend will tell you most essential things that you should do and the things that you should not do while in school.

  • Have a positive mindset

This is one of the important things to do After Passing Jamb. Have a positive mindset that you will emerge successful and your stay in school will be productive. Even if you are doubting your intelligent capacity over your course of study, you need to be positive that you will succeed. Stay focused and be determine to succeed.

  1. Get a computer training

The world is getting advanced and the role of computer to most sectors is often very important. If you have never been train on data processing (not Jamb CBT training), you possibly need the knowledge of the computer in this 21st century.  Right from your first day in school, you will have to apply the knowledge of computer to get many things done such as working on an assignment that should be typed, surfing the internet for research purpose etc. More importantly, you will have to type and work on your project with a computer.

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