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Pregnancy Precautions (for Parents)


Pregnancy Precautions: If you just learned that you are pregnant, your elation may be tempered by some anxiety. Should the cup of coffee from yesterday or the glass of wine from supper last weekend raise any questions?

Pregnancy Precautions (for Parents)

Pregnancy Precautions (for Parents)

During pregnancy, what you do not put into your body (or expose it to) can be almost as important as what you do. But worrying about every little thing can make for a stressful three trimesters. Knowing what could be harmful to your baby and what’s OK can help ease your mind.

Talk with your doctor (or other health care provider) about what to completely avoid, what to reduce, what’s OK, and what to carefully consider.


Here are some things to know about:

•          Air travel

•          Alcohol

•          Artificial sweeteners (sugar substitutes)

•          Bug sprays (insecticides, pesticides, repellents)

•          Caffeine

•          Certain foods and drinks

•          Cleaning your cat’s litter box

•          Hair coloring

•          High-impact exercising

•          Household chemicals

•          Lead exposure

•          Medicines: OTC (over-the counter) and prescription

•          Overheating (hot tubs, saunas, electric blankets, etc.)

•          Recreational drugs

•          Self-tanners and sunless tanners

•          Sexual activity

•          Smoking

•          Tap water and drinking water

•          Teeth whiteners and teeth bleaching

•          Vaccines

•          X-rays

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What Else Should I Know?

While some things are unsafe during pregnancy, try not to worry too much. Trust your common sense — if it doesn’t need to be done right now or might be risky, hold off and talk to your doctor about it. They can tell you about the possible risks and might even give the OK for something you didn’t think you could do until after your baby’s birth.


Remember, taking good care of yourself is the best way to keep you and your baby healthy.

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