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Pros and Cons Of Wearing A Saree


Pros and Cons Of Wearing A Saree: In Indian women, the saree is a representation of elegance that exudes charm and attractiveness, making it ideal for boosting her personality. A woman wearing a saree attracts all the attention she merits, regardless of how young, elderly, curvaceous, or slim she is.

Pros and Cons Of Wearing A Saree

Pros and Cons Of Wearing A Saree

Some ladies enjoy wearing saree on any occasion, while others dislike wearing them since they do not feel comfortable wearing them. So, there are various pros and cons of wearing a saree, which are listed below.

PROS Of Wearing A Saree:

  • In Indian culture, a saree is the only piece of clothing that enhances a woman’s natural beauty. Silk sarees’ propensity to attract creates electrostatic attraction.
  • The saree is the only attire that drapes in such a way that looks flatters women’s figures and adds glamour and seductiveness to their appearance.
  • A single saree can be draped in many different styles in which it is worn. It can be worn as a dress, skirt, or lehenga and has a variety of draping styles.
  • From light to heavy, cotton to silk, chiffon to georgette or embroidery to zari work, Sarees are available in a variety of fabrics in India that allow them to be worn anywhere, whether formal or informal occasions.
  • In Indian culture, women who wear sarees are praised more than those who wear other attire.
  • When a woman wears a sari and completes her look with jewelry. She just looks like a queen, a symbol of Indigenous society.

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CONS Of Wearing A Saree:

  • Not every woman in today’s world feels comfortable wearing a saree. It must be a personal decision. Sarees can be uncomfortable for some women, and draping them perfectly is crucial.
  • Wearing a saree is a difficult task for beginners, and it is even more difficult if you do not have a complete sense of how to drape it.
  • Draping a saree is time-consuming, difficult, and requires a lot of practice to make it perfect.
  • Traveling with a sari is inconvenient; it’s difficult to ride a bike, bicycle, or board crowded public transport. Even you can’t, run, walk fast, and visit a pub/gym.
  • Top-quality silk or party-wear sarees are not only too much expensive but matching jewelry and other accessories are also difficult to find.
  • You always have to wear at least slight heels with a saree because flip-flops or flats do not look good with them.
  • It’s also tough to use the restroom when wearing a saree.

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