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SEIFAC Disbursement Date of Loan / Grant For 2023/2024 – 3rd Batch


SEIFAC / CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme Disbursement Date of Loan / Grant for 2023/2024 – www.seifac.org.

SEIFAC Disbursement Date: The Federal Government has approved loan for the SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme, for disbursement to all SEIFAC Smallholder Farmers 2023.

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SEIFAC Disbursement Date

SEIFAC / CBN Disbursement Date

SEIFAC Disbursement Date: The federal government of Nigeria through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in line with its developmental function established the Anchor Borrowers’ Programme (ABP). has approved a date for disbursement of loan to all SEIFAC Smallholder Farmers shortlisted candidate.

About SEIFAC / CBN Programme

SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme has commenced its data collection for her 2023/2024 Wet Cropping Season for all Smallholder Farmers and Cooperatives across the Nation to farm in Agricultural Production Clusters (Agro-PCs) a cluster farming model which is aimed at addressing the challenges often faced by Smallholder Farmers for farming individually at small scale.

SEIFAC News Portal

SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme will soon commence its disbursement of loan to all successful shortlisted applicants nationwide. According to the SEIFAC Director “SEIFAC/CBN disbursement process is 90% completion” all shortlisted applicant should kindly exercise patient.

SEIFAC ATM card Collection and Procedures

Click on the link abovehttp://bit.ly/SEIFAC-Smallholder-Economic-Interest…Disbursement startsAfter ATM card distribution is completed.

SEIFAC Farmers Association along with the connection of Business Administration (PFI) Heritage Limited will launch a gift card to farmers who are planning to collect loans from Seifac under the leadership of Anchor loan program.

Talking to National Coordinator on Thursday, Mr. Patrick Abur reveals the ATM card system has been published to ease the financial tasks of their members of cooperation and becoming a tool of understanding.

SEIFAC has opened a Wallet Project account for its members to prepare for Anchor Borrowers to produce rice that the largest bank of Nigeria (CBN) has launched it a few years ago.

′′ The ATM card will use two reasons to handle their SEIFAC Project Wallet account and Module Identity
The coordinator of the program while explaining the passengers on the ATM card marked that he will be carrying SEIFAC label with the name, state, ID of LGA members etc.

The survey shows that the card will be required for SEIFAC members to put money out of their bag. It’s confirmed that the ATM card will start within a few weeks only to members who have hacked their account with the minimum number of NGN2, 000

′′ When you see money laundering in your account, don’t be shocked because of ATM’s service mission which is the key tool to earn money

Ko ‘ odinetan confesses that the time to run is six weeks to produce ATM cards and notice that SEIFAC will be distributed through different state offices.
CEO of SEIFAC has ordered members who still haven’t turned their accounts into the program should try and do the needful.

SEIFAC/CBN Disbursement Loan Date

The Federal Government has approved the SEIFAC loan for the 1st batch of SEIFAC / CBN Smallholder Farmers, disbursement will commence soon.

All Farmers who registered for the SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme will be credited, after successful verification.

When will SEIFAC / CBN Start Payment

The SEIFAC through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) will start Disbursement on September 2023. All shortlisted candidate are advised to upgrade their bank account before disbursement date. Disbursement date will be publicly announced, kindly check back.

SEIFAC Project Wallet Accounts Update

Press Release:

According to the heritage bank of Nigeria, statistics show’s that about 30% of SEIFAC Shortlisted applicant have not done their documentation. The documentation and submission has to do with payment of 2,000.00 naira for activation into their account for the disbursement to take effect.

At such, most of the seifac successful shortlisted applicant will get their disbursement grant on the first week of September 2023.

“Wishing you goodluck”

How Much is SEIFAC / CBN Payment to smallholder Farmers Loan?

SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme will pay each of the smallholder farmer as loan from 500, 000.00 to 1,000,000.00 naira.

List of 36 State and FCT For SEIFAC / CBN Shortlisted Candidate For Disbursement

Click on the link representing your state of origin to access your status:

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    • Is this true ican accept you always you said November but now January 14 how can you do this to us why why seifac we really bored to collect our ATM and disbursement of funds but now no anything else
      Why why why why?????
      Please if you know you can’t give us the money please tell us we’re poor we don’t have any plans to depend our self until we have started this business so why you do this please I am a farmer but now this issue of kidnapping and army robbery’s Make us poor we don’t have any idea until we get this money so that we go start business
      Please help us help me!!!

  1. Why are you guys shfting the date consistently you leaving us much doubt about …. Make us believe we now having little fate on

  2. Im beggining to lose confindence on my belove seifac program, if on 23th disbursement cannot takes place. Time is not by our side.

  3. hello sir please any progress on disbursement since today is 23/8/21 as mention before any farmer that received his own ?

    • Currently the disbursement date has been moved from 23rd August to September 2021, due to some circumstance within the Ministry. We will keep you updated, kindly bear with Us.


  4. It’s quite disheartening that we don’t longer have faith in the program again, send in the money, then people will struggle and get their ATM card from the bank please, than to be changing date always.

  5. Please could you let us know the exact date for the disbursement,we really have to prepare for the wet cropping season which is rightly at hand

  6. Please I received a congratulations message informing me of my loan approval and that I should pay the sum of #2500 for the account upgrade. Following that information, I have been trying to process but am receiving an error message stating the platform is inactive.
    Please what other options do have for the upgrades and account to pay the upgrade fee.

  7. How can we get the ATM card as usual commence as you say sir? because it is yet to reach us in TARABA especially in TAKUM local Government.

  8. When seifac will started disbursement, we farmers we always praying for God to help for ours to be succeed in our progress because our government will not assist ours terms of our progress in farming

  9. I think if really Federal government have already approved the loan and u guys refused to disposed it, pls i want EFCC to come our Aid to arest these our so called seifac executive.

  10. This programme is not really true,why because we know that when Federal government giving the. Approval nothing can stop it,this program it since when, please and please don’t wahala people to relying on .

  11. Please we have çollected our ATM cards since Feb. But uptil now no any news. How are we sure that this disbursement will commence at the the month of May? And are we to activate our ATM now or later? And how to upgrade our acct.?

  12. Greatful and thanks alot to my country for the promises of our disbursement on first week of may dis year 2022 and we also really appreciate to national co-ordinator that’s in his try the programme will doing clearly.

  13. seifac need to be trosted b/c dis program is wel organised & wen disbusment wil take place b/c we are clear our farm fast i wish seifac to do jutice b/c 2nd batc is on way comin and to feel dis 1st time seifac wil not be trusted FG must challenge goodluck seifac

  14. It has taken time we have been expecting but till date nothing has been done.ATM card was released to batch 1 fellows which we were expecting in a few days we will celebrate but up to this moment of this write up nothing to talk about.what we always hear is that “soon,be patience,by February 2022 etc but now we are almost approaching November.please SEIFAC,hesting up because second batch are waiting by the corner.While we the first batch want to engage ourselves in dry season farming and need to plan against it.


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