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Sprint Mobile Plans


Sprint Mobile Plans: With their unlimited plans, Sprint offers high-speed data, mobile hotspot access, unlimited speak and text, and limitless services to go along with your new cell phone. Hotspot functionality and the option to purchase a family plan are included with every data plan, including the unlimited basic, unlimited plus, and unlimited premium.
Sprint’s network is expanding quickly and has some of the top cell phone services available.

Sprint Mobile Plans

Why We Like It – Sprint Mobile Plans

Sprint has a number of plans to suit any budget including the Unlimited Basic Plan, Unlimited Plus Plan, and Unlimited Premium Plan. Compare these options with our  ATT Next vs Verizon Edge comparison to determine which phone plan is best for you.

All of them allow you to get unlimited talk text, mobile hotspot usage,and includes an unlimited data plan. All Sprint plans also get hotspot data and video streams. All the cell phone plans come with the options of family plans, which reduce the cost per line per month. Once you’re set up with one of the best phone plans, decide which smartphone is best by reading our reviews of the Verizon Edge vs the T Mobile Jump.

Sprint Mobile Plans


  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited LTE Data
  • Mobile hotspot use included


  • Coverage not the best
  • Average customer care
  • Plans might change due to T-Mobile merger


Every unlimited plan, including the basic plan, offers unlimited talk and unlimited data. The basic plan offers up to 50GB of high speed data before throttling. The Sprint Unlimited Basic also offers 500MB hot spot data and up to 480p HD video streaming. The Sprint Unlimited Premium is the best Sprint plan offering 100GB for hotspot usage, 1080p HD content streaming, and 50GB LTE data usage before throttling. Whether your sprint phone is a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone, Sprint Com’s unlimited plans are a viable alternative to larger networks like Verizon Unlimited Plan. Also, why not take a look inside a top secret Verizon data center, just to find out how protected user data is.

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Whether you’re one of the new customers, or just have a new phone, Sprint offers wide coverage. Of the four large providers, Sprint provides the least coverage at around 30% of the US. That’s all about to change as they’ve just merged with T-Mobile Mobile Plan and will have even greater coverage. Sprint’s strongest coverage is on the Eastern Seaboard with areas in the Midwest and Southwest still uncovered. You should see sprint com’s website if you’re planning on long distance traveling and wondering about coverage. To apply see the rights reserved Sprint website and compare pricing.


Every plan Sprint offers includes unlimited data, talk, and text. You can also drop your mo charge and mo line charge by taking one of the family plans. Line mo charges can be dropped further with the Sprint Military Plan. The Sprint Unlimited Plus Plan sits in the middle of the range and offers great value. Sprint Unlimited Plus can even compete with cheaper offerings like the Cricket Mobile Plan unlimited. While different charges apply to different plans, they all offer great value.

Sprint Mobile Plans Wrap Up

Even the most basic plans offered by Sprint have unlimited data talk and text. They also add hotspot and streaming capabilities. While Sprint coverage has been less than other providers, it’s sure to grow now that they’ve teamed up with T-Mobile Mobile Plan. If you need lots of data, Sprint has an affordable plan to meet your needs.

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