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Supermarket Jobs – List of supermarkets in the UK 2022/2023 Application


Supermarket Jobs – List of supermarkets in the UK 2022/2023 Application Form Portal.

Supermarket Jobs – List of supermarkets in the UK: In the UK, there are millions of people employed in the grocery industry, and many more are joining it every day. In the UK, there are a lot of large grocery chains that frequently seek to hire more personnel. See requirements and how to apply below.

List of supermarkets in the UK

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Available List of Supermarkets in the United Kingdom (UK)

We are listing the big 6 companies in the market industry list below however there are many others where you can apply for supermarket jobs.

1. Tesco Careers

Whether you are looking for your first employment role after leaving school or college, or are looking for a junior, middle or senior management position as you climb another rung of your career ladder, there are plenty of job opportunities available with the UK’s leading grocery retailer, Tesco.

Tesco has 4,074 stores in the UK with over 350,000 employees.

2. Sainsbury’s Careers

Sainsbury’s has a significant market presence right across the UK thanks to a total of 1,407 stores with over 175,000 employees across the country. The company aims to be the number one grocery retailer in the UK and to meet this goal it is always seeking high calibre people who are talented, dedicated and can deliver first-class customer service and care.

Sainsbury’s currently operates over 277 in-store pharmacies and has plans to expand this. It is therefore currently seeking qualified staff who can manage and work in an in-store pharmacy. To apply for a Pharmacy Manager or Pharmacist role you must be a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

3. Asda Careers

ASDA is an incredibly well-known name in the UK, famous for being one of the biggest food and non-food retailers in the country. Asda has a significant market presence, with around 633 stores nationwide and plans for further expansion. The stores trade under the following names Asda / Wal-Mart Super centres, Asda Superstores, Asda Living and George High Street Stores.

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In order to operate these stores effectively, Asda employs hundreds of thousands of people in the UK. The figure currently totals 145,000 employees and looks certain to increase in line with the company’s expansion plans. This means that Asda is always looking to recruit staff at the store, head office and warehouse levels.

4. Morrisons Careers

If you are looking for a career with a UK retail success story then consider Morrisons. From humble beginnings as a market stall in Bradford, Morrisons are now the 4th largest food retailer in the UK with plans for expansion and further growth within the food retail sector.

Morrisons stores welcome around nine million customers through the doors of 497 stores each week, and to cope with such staggering demand requires an army of staff. Morrisons are therefore a major employer in the UK and always has job vacancies for positions at store and head office level. The company employs 105,000 employees.

5. Aldi Careers

ALDI are a fantastic employer for anyone looking to start or progress his or her career in the retail industry. Despite tough economic trading conditions Aldi are continuing to grow, increasing its market share year on year and building more stores across the UK.

Aldi has received several accolades this year, named “Best Supermarket 2009” by Which?, plus “Grocer of the Year” and “Discount Grocer of the Year” in The Grocer Gold Awards.

The company employs more than 33,000 people in the UK within its 960 stores in the UK.

6. Lidl Careers

The current economic climate is having a negative effect on many high street retailers. However, one shining light in the food retail sector is Lidl, the discount supermarket chain famous for offering quality products at low prices.

Lidl are currently expanding rapidly throughout Europe and beyond and for many years has been a well-established name in Germany, where it was founded in 1973.

The first Lidl store in the UK opened its doors in 1994 and there are now more than 800 stores in operation. This number looks set to increase significantly in the future, meaning that there are plenty of  job opportunities with Lidl. The company employs 23,000 people and this figure continues to increase every day.

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