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Survival Fund Disbursement Date 2022 For All State


Survival Fund Disbursement Date 2022 For All State – www.survivalfund.gov.ng.

Survival Fund Disbursement Date: The Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment has announce disbursement date for all Survival Fund applicant/ candidate for all the state in Nigeria.

Survival Fund Disbursement Date

Survival Fund Disbursement Date 2022

The Government N75Bn MSME Survival Fund is a dedicated fund set aside to help businesses mitigate the adverse effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. The grant will be launch in two phases in two phases such as:

The government sees these funds as a tool to crush and stop the worrisome effect of the Covind-19 pandemic, help boosting the economy, and also save existing jobs and If possible help thriving businesses to expand.

The federal government of Nigeria has taken a commendable and laudable step to safeguard the economy from further woes. We are talking about the Government N75Bn MSME Survival Fund for Self Employed, Transporters, Artisans in Nigeria.

Survival Fund Payment Method on Disbursement

Survival Fund Payment will be make to all verified applicant directly to their bank account through wired transfer.

Survival Fund Disbursement Date to all Shortlisted Candidate

Click on the link representing your state of origin to access your status:

When will Survival Fund Start Disbursement

Survival Fund will start massive disbursement from July 7th, 2022. to all verified applicant nationwide.

How Much Will CEO Receive From Survival Fund

All CEO / Business owners will receive #50,000 from survival Fund, while workers will receive #30,000, for the the period of three (3) month.

If you have any questions concerning Survival Fund Disbursement Date , please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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  1. We thank the Federal government for this tremendous effort. But I want to know the fate those organization that have been verified and received calls and yet no payment is made to them at all

  2. Ok we hear you all, but if (CEO) Owner of a company received alert for one month since on July, when remaining two months are paid.

  3. Am CEO. One of my worker has been paid 3 times..
    I have not received any payment since a year ago. please do something about my payment

  4. Am CEO.non of my workers has been paid, and others that applied at the same time as us has been paid since April, all my account were verified, pls what is the problem, am from Ondo State.

  5. We katsina we done say any thing some of us they realized that if you pay us they will pay and continue their study some they find work and start doing but still now no one have been paid pls pay us if possible

  6. We thank the effort of the federal government in trying to pay the verified staff that were not paid, pls can we know the date of the payment sir thanks.

  7. Please this 7 July should be real
    Please the portal should be rearranged so that CEO can see his or her workers salary profile

  8. My company applied two years ago,and both the company and the staff were verified and we are yet to receive any payment and I don’t know what could be the problem for not disbursement.Below is name of the company

  9. How sure is this publication? We have seen a lot of such in the past that is not fruitful. Please confirm the official statement for me. Thanks

  10. I only received

    one month since may 2022 till now I have not receive any other , please will I still receive again I thought is 3 months


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