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Theobarth Grant Disbursement Date 2023 – Check Official Disbursement Date


Theobarth Grant Disbursement Date 2023 – How to Check Official Date.

Theobarth Grant Disbursement Date: The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Theobarth, has approved the disbursement of Grant for the 1st and 2nd Batch to eligible person.

Theobarth Grant Disbursement Date

Theobarth Global Foundation Grant is an internationally recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and a registered limited liability company in Nigeria, incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and other financial institutions that regulates all business conglomerates in Nigeria.

Theobarth Global Foundation has a clear vision, objectives, core values, structures, creativity, policy statements and standards of international best practices.

It uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior, value, honesty, probity of account and accountability. We match our words with actions.


TheoBarth Vision Statement

Theorbarth envisions a country in which the most vulnerable families will be helped out of hardship and create vital healthy lives for themselves and their communities, through our empowerment program.

TheoBarth Mission Statement

Our Fundamental mission is to ensure the stability of all the poor people in the system, to give people’s life a meaning by empowering the downtrodden through social intervention programs, technology, skill acquisition programs, adult education, practical and radical human development programs, keeping track of the poor, in Nigeria and Africa.

Slogan: Crushing down the walls of poverty!!!

Having known this, I believe by now you should be aware that TheoBarth unlike other non-governmental organisations have come to stay and will in no time fulfil its mandate.

When will TheoBarth Start Payment 2nd Batch 2023?

The TheoBarth will start Disbursement on June 2023. All Members who do not have bank account linked to their BVN should kindly do the needful before 16th May 2023.

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  1. will the money come direct to individual accounts or to the acounts of the NGO’s we registered with before it gets to our individual accounts

    • The disbursement has not happen as at today 12th june over a month going by the date given here.we are patiently waiting for the disbursement.we the subscriber.

    • So 10th of this month is Monday or Tuesday. Only God will save people’s mind regarding this grant.

  2. Comment:if theobarth pay some nd leave some how wil those left feel,some migit commit suicide,so in my opinion is instead of that to happen u cut d money 300k is better 4 al to receive it thanks.

  3. Today is 10th of may.if it happen to be like that in this country,we will appreciate theobarth grant for been the second God in Africa and all the Nigerians will appreciate it forever .

  4. I pray that God will bless all of us through theobarth in Thy Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ Amen . Let God supply you all you need to make this mission come true in Jesus unstoppable name I pray, Amen

  5. Well, I know most of us are desperately in need of cash and funds, let’s control our mind and thought before it later turns into words that can kill. Let’s be hopeful, it’s not easy .

  6. Since we had the imformation concerning the rebusrtment then what are they waiten for? Can they not do this once and for all

  7. please lets be couragous and patient about the theobarth grant disbursment date. it will surly come to pass any moment from now.

  8. Comment:if this month ends and no payment is made by apostle theo then no one has the fear of God and i pity people who call themselves apostle of the most high.

  9. Comment:I stil cant believe they r to pay 1.8m to each person dats y it delayin y nt cut it to 500k 4 easy payment,if theo pays this money i wil tell God to grant him heaven at last jst as he has grant d needy cash.

  10. This theobarth grant is really messing with all of us .my people let’s remove our minds from this scamming hopes. Theo please hold your disbursement….

  11. Good day sir/ma, is theobarth Grant real if so, why’s it keep posting today, tomorrow, next tomorrow bcos it look like posting everyday to me & what is delaying it, why’s it keeping mute

  12. Thoebarth grant is big scammer, it’s always post we will pay this month since last year. If don’t want pay out don’t keep people to interested to money to pay out, free then let dem find other things I can do to make the life better

  13. Good day sir/ma is theobarth grant real if so why is it taking time, giving someone hypertension.
    and pls can i still register someone. if so how do i go about it

  14. This Theobarth Nonsense of a thing are really mad and sick, thou we all didn’t give you anymore at all for this useless grant but I think it’s high time you scammers comes out to tell the public there is no grant from anywhere rather than sending voice notes and Whatsapp messages to people claiming you will disburse your families not me…… my fellow Nigeria let’s focuse on our hardwork and remove our hope in this useless and good for nothing grants.only God knows how much you people have duped so many claiming to sell shares to them… hold your 1.8and 1.8 million


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