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Top 7 Questions to hire the best Employee in an Organisation


Top 7 Questions to hire the best Employee | Employee Questions.

Top 7 Questions to hire the best Employee: This guide will help you select those candidates who share your vision and that ultimately will save you time and money. No matter if you’re starting up two people operating in a garage or a company of 500 people.

Top 7 Questions to hire the best Employee

Top 7 Questions to hire the best Employee

This Article will help many organizations in recruitment process, Throughout this process, we create a company with many people who met the most important rule of recruitment. Never hire someone who is “good”, always hopes for the best. Expect to hire the best it’s painful, but ultimately will save you time and money.


More than anything, hiring the right people can determine the fate of your business. The superstars will follow your vision and make it a reality. Instead, the wrong people will not be as motivated as you.

How do you know that you are hiring the right people? Ask these seven questions:

1. What do you like about our business? How would you change what you do not like?

This question has two results. He will discuss the problem and immediately offer a solution or will say that business is perfect when actually it may not be so. You can get an idea of how the candidate speaks something you do not like and how they solve. Find people talk problem five percent and 95 percent of the solution.

2. What book are you reading right now?

The passionate people tend to read to improve their skills. Perhaps these books help them in their sales and marketing skills or are reading something focused on self-development, all these are good signs. If you are reading some fiction and have not reviewed something educational for some time, that’s a red flag for me. Superstars are always looking to improve and smarter than I know always learn and absorb new information.

3. Tell me about a problem that called you solve your current job. How do you manage?

This shows a certain way how they solve problems and their creative abilities or lack thereof. Do you have a thoughtful approach to solving the problem or copied it to someone else?

4. What are you most proud of your career?

This will give you an idea of what motivates and see how you define success. If, for example, worked in a company for 12 years and his greatest achievement was to slightly increase sales, may not be the right choice. But if he was promoted five times in his previous role in a period of two years you may have a superstar in your hands.

5. Have you practiced any sports team?

People playing basketball, football or baseball, is more focused on achieving your goals and it is fit, which makes your mind work better. Generally are also good communicators, work well under pressure and do things well in team events.

6. How do you have fun?

The balance is an important part of success and I realized that seek superstars do well in most areas of your life including fitness, relationships, and learning. For example, if someone goes to the gym three times a week, on Saturdays is voluntary and is learning how to play the piano “just for fun”, it is fair to say that values ​​the achievements, goals and is always looking to improve.

7. I’m not sure in this paper lace.

This phrase works great when you’re hiring someone with a tough personality you need to set aside to hear the typical “no”. For example, sales representatives and sales leaders. When making this statement, you can pass one of three things: they can ignore and skip that comment, agree and try to move on or try to sell the benefits of accepting at work focusing on the main reasons why you can not let them go.

Out of these questions, never forget the instinct to feel during an interview. If something does not convince you or you’re not sure you hire someone, do not. It will take longer to find the right person, but if you want a company full of good people, looking to fit in the role, not to those who arrived at the ideal time.

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