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Top Rechargeable Lamp Brands in Nigeria


Top Rechargeable Lamp Brands in Nigeria: For any community, having access to dependable and economical lighting is essential. Due to the frequent power outages in Nigeria, many homes and businesses rely on rechargeable lights and other alternate lighting sources.

Top Rechargeable Lamp Brands in Nigeria

Top Rechargeable Lamp Brands in Nigeria

Choosing the right rechargeable lamp can make a big difference in providing sufficient and sustainable lighting. This article explores the top rechargeable lamp brands available in the Nigerian market and their key features.

The Top Rechargeable Lamp Brands in Nigeria


Founded in 2007, d.light is a global leader in solar lighting and power products for off-grid households. d.light has sold over 20 million solar light and power products across 70 countries. In Nigeria, d.light has gained popularity for its quality, durability, and affordability.

Some popular rechargeable lamp models by d.light include:

d.light S300: This flagship solar lamp offers a brightness of up to 300 lumens on high setting. It has a battery life of up to 50 hours on low setting and charges fully in about 8 hours.

d.light S2: A compact and portable solar lamp with 100 lumens brightness on high mode. It has a 6 hour battery life and 2 lighting modes.

d.light S20: An entry-level solar lamp with 20 lumens brightness. Basic lighting needs can be met with its 3.5 hour battery life when fully charged.


d.light products are targeted for low income families and are distributed through partnerships with local sales agents, NGOs, microfinance institutions among others. The products come with a 2 year replacement warranty.


Brightlite Solar is a Nigerian solar products manufacturer operating since 2010. Their rechargeable lamps are designed and assembled locally to meet the specific needs of Nigerian consumers. The brand is popular for the bright illumination their lamps provide.

Popular Brightlite rechargeable lamp models include:

Brightlite Superbright: It has a 400 lumens brightness delivered through an integrated LED bulb. The long lasting lithium ion battery provides over 6 hours of light on medium setting when fully charged.


Brightlite Megablaze: With a 300 lumens brightness output, this lamp can provide steady lighting for 5 hours on medium mode. Fully charges within 8 hours.

Brightlite Glow: An affordable rechargeable LED lamp that provides 120 lumens brightness and up to 10 hours of light on low mode per full charge.

Brightlite products come with a 1 year warranty and are available across major retail outlets in the country.


GreenLight Planet

GreenLight Planet is a global solar lighting company with an extensive distribution network across Africa including Nigeria. Their rechargeable lamps are known for the innovative design and quality assurance.

Some popular GreenLight Planet lamps in Nigeria include:

GreenLight Planet SunKing Pro: It is among the brightest solar lamps available with a 600 lumens brightness delivered through 9 LED bulbs. Can deliver up to 24 hours of light on low setting when fully charged.

GreenLight Planet SunKing Home: A portable 200 lumens solar lamp ideal for home lighting. It has a 5V USB port to charge phones and other devices.


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GreenLight Planet SunKing Home 60: An affordable solar lamp with 60 lumens brightness and up to 6 hours battery life. Charges via USB cable.

GreenLight Planet offers 2 years warranty and has partnered with several NGOs, banks, and government agencies to improve access to solar lighting across Nigeria.



Omnivoltaic is a Nigerian solar energy company that manufactures a wide range of solar powered products including lamps, TVs, fans, phone chargers. Their rechargeable lamps have gained popularity across the country for the bright illumination and durability.

Top selling Omnivoltaic rechargeable lamps include:

Omnivoltaic OB200: With 200 lumens brightness and an in-built battery, it can provide up to 8 hours of light per full charge.

Omnivoltaic OB100: Delivers 100 lumens brightness and up to 10 hours of lighting time on low mode when fully charged.


Omnivoltaic OB50: An entry-level solar rechargeable lamp with 50 lumens brightness and 5 hours battery runtime.

Omnivoltaic provides 1 year warranty on its products. The lamps are competitively priced and available across major retail stores in Nigeria.

Powi Gas & Power

Powi Gas & Power is a Nigerian manufacturer of LPG accessories, electronics, and solar gadgets including rechargeable lamps. They offer a wide range of lighting solutions for various needs and budgets.

Some best selling Powi rechargeable lamps are:

Powi PGL100: Provides a bright 100 lumens light and charges full in 6 hours. Has a battery life of up to 8 hours on medium.

Powi PGL30: A compact and portable solar lamp with 30 lumens brightness. Can deliver up to 10 hours of light per charge.

Powi PGL15: A basic solar lamp with 15 lumens brightness and 12 hour battery life. Ideal for children’s studying needs.


Powi products are affordably priced and come with a 6 month warranty. The lamps are available across retail shops in major Nigerian cities.


Access to renewable lighting solutions can make a major positive impact in Nigerian households and businesses. The top rechargeable solar lamp brands in Nigeria mentioned above provide quality products tailored for local needs and conditions. Features like brightness, battery life, durability, affordability and distribution network are important factors to evaluate when choosing a solar lamp brand. The right lighting solutions can help improve productivity, income generation, education and safety for millions navigating frequent power outages.

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