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USA Jobs with Visa Sponsorship for Immigrants – Work in USA


USA Jobs with Visa Sponsorship for Immigrants – How to Get Job in USA.

USA Jobs with Visa Sponsorship for Immigrants: In United State of America (USA), business is established daily and hundreds that have been established before now are being expanded, which turns out to become jobs and positions that need to be filled. In this article, we will provide you with all necessary information on how you can get a JOB in US as an immigrant.

USA Jobs with Visa Sponsorship for Immigrants

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the demand for software developers, accountants, software analysts, cooks, retail workers, customer services representatives, office clerks, market research analysts, and marketing specialists is on the rise every day.

When it comes to the country with the most advanced economy, America stands tall above other nations of the world. And most importantly, every sector of their economy has wide global outreach.

What is a US Visa Sponsorship all about?

For one to be able to live and work in the US, he or she is required to find a job first.  And then it doesn’t end there, it is very important for the employer to be willing to employ someone who is outside US.

The organization must be aware you’re not a US citizen or a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR). If the employer is aware of all these and still wants to employ you, then they should be willing to sponsor you.

USA Jobs with Visa Sponsorship for Immigrants – Job Listing in USA for Immigrants

( Occupation with Annual Earning)

  • Medical Writing in New York $53,000 – $70,155.
  • HR Assistant for Susquehanna International Group in Philadelphia $80,450 – $97,100.
  • Onsite Positions in California $45,500 – $50,165,
  • Computer Software Engineers in New Jersey $92,450 – $157,165.
  • IT Service Desk Support Analyst for STEARNS LENDING LLC in Texas $90,000 – $107,000.
  • Software Developer for Susquehanna International Group in Philadelphia $102,450 – $157,500
  • HR Advisor for Syneos Health Clinical in Iowa $92,450 – $157,165,
  • Quantitative Strategy Developer for Susquehanna International Group in Philadelphia $102,450 – $157,165.
  • Product Designer, Global Product Compliance for Etsy in San Fransisco $40,450 – $57,165.

USA Work Visas for Immigrants

 USA is a complex country to immigrate into due to its strict rules on immigration. You shouldn’t bother about this because varieties of programms and visas have been made available for different categories, all you need is to ensure you choose the correct one – for example, the J-1 exchange programme, permits students and professionals to benefit in work experiences and cultural exchange for a maximum of eighteen months.

Business owners who are on the lookout for persons who are highly skilled to fill a certain position can apply for H category visas. This comprises the H-1, for professionals and outstanding persons, and then the H-2B, a temporary worker programme for seasonal workers, which includes instructors. However, this kind Visa is very limited in number, and the application is compulsorily made by the business owner and not the individual.

The L-1 visa is an option for persons who work within multinational companies that are willing to transfer them to their US branch for business operations. This last for a maximum of five years.

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How Long is USA Sponsor Visa Valid?

Most of the time, getting a sponsorship visa is where the difficult part of the work lies, but after this is settled. A travel arrangement is then made. As soon as you move to US, you can start working. Having a nonimmigrant work visa can be an issue as its validity is temporary. Meaning that it is certainly going to expire after some time.

The longevity of a nonimmigrant work visa is dependent on the type of visa you have got. For instance H-1B visas are valid for three years, while others are only valid for one year. Which makes it very important for you to check the details of your visa regularly to avoid overstaying.

At the point when your visa is due for expiration, it is likely for it to get an extension. The employer can apply again for the sponsorship to USCIS and you could be lucky to get the visa again. Nonimmigrant visas do not allow one to extend it for more than two or three times.

Immigrant work visas are permanent. Being able to secure this visa earns you a Green Card. The Green Card lasts for ten years, accompanied with an unlimited extensions. After living and working in the US for five years, you get permission of applying for a US citizenship.

USA Jobs with Visa Sponsorship for Immigrants –  the cost of a Sponsorship Visa

Getting an employment sponsorship visa is not cheap. Most especially to the US employer who is in charge of paying of all the fees attached. The amount of money spent in obtaining a visa might cost a few thousand dollars added to the fact that a foreign employee is being sponsored.

The high cost of this visa most of the time makes business owners who wish to employ skilled foreigners, reluctant to proceed with all a USA work visas for immigrants entails.

There are actual fees for these visas that we have listed for you below, but this is actually dependent on the visa type one wishes to acquire or apply for. A general overview of  most common fees and their costs are listed as follows:

  • Form I-129 – $460
  • Form I-140 – $700
  • For employers with 50 or more employees and 50% of them are foreign – $4,000 or $4,500
  • American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act of 1998(ACWIA) – $750 or $1,500
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection Fee – $500

If you have any questions concerning USA Jobs with Visa Sponsorship for Immigrants, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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  1. Looking for a visa sponsorship I am writing to express my interest in housekeeping department I have nearly 18 years of experience in housekeeping department

  2. Am olasupo olusegun joshua from Nigeria. i studied accounting both in the polytechnic and the university in Nigeria. Am willing to work and move to USA via the visa sponsorship programme. i can do house cleaning job, storekeeper, gardener, caregiver. my email address is olusegun655@gmail.com. i have a valid and recent international passport. Thanks in anticipation for the assistance.


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