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WAEC CASS Portal www.examiners.waecnigeria.org/waeccass/Users/Reg


Welcome to WAEC CASS Portal www.examiners.waecnigeria.org/waeccass/Users/Reg / waec cass online portal.

WAEC CASS Portal www.examiners.waecnigeria.org/waeccass/Users/Reg: WAEC CASS Portal is where you will learn about the WAEC registration process, and the basic activities carried out in the WAEC CASS portal.


WAEC CASS Portal www.examiners.waecnigeria.org/waeccass/Users/Reg

The West African Examinations Council is an examination board established by law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations, and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally…Read More.


The WAEC CASS Portal (The West African Examinations Council) be accessed via the links below:

WAEC CASS Offline Registration System Requirements for SS1

The following is the recommended system configuration:

  1. A personal computer running Microsoft Windows XP or higher, with 512MB RAM and 40GB HDD.
  2. Also, a printer capable of printing onto A4 paper.
  3. Additionally, CDROM Drive or USB Port to facilitate installations.
  4. However, where (3) above is not available, a reliable internet connection to download the software from the WAEC EXAMINER CASS link/website is a good alternative

WAEC CASS Link to Download Software and Prerequisites for SS1


Download link1: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42642

Download link2 – Old Version: http://examiners.waecnigeria.org/casssensitization/File/DownloadFile/8

Download Link3 – Updated Version: http://examiners.waecnigeria.org/casssensitization/File/DownloadFile/6026


Download Link for 64bit Operating System: http://examiners.waecnigeria.org/casssensitization/File/DownloadFile/15

Download Link for 32bit Operating System: http://examiners.waecnigeria.org/casssensitization/File/DownloadFile/16


Download Link for 64bit Operating System: http://examiners.waecnigeria.org/casssensitization/File/DownloadFile/9

Download Link for 32bit Operating System: http://examiners.waecnigeria.org/casssensitization/File/DownloadFile/10


Old Version: http://examiners.waecnigeria.org/casssensitization/File/DownloadFile/5024

Updated – New Version: http://examiners.waecnigeria.org/casssensitization/File/DownloadFile/6032







Any PDF Reader Software

Installation Manual – Download

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WAEC CASS Setup Prerequisites for SS1

Download and install the following application software mentioned in WAEC CASS Link. The first software to install is dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64. Also, the Second software to install is SQLEXPR_ENU.

Furthermore, the Third software to install is CRRuntime, followed by Microsoft Reportviewer, Microsoft Visual Basic PowerPacks and Finally Windows Installer.

WAEC CASS Offline Application Installation Guide

When the prerequisites have been successfully installed, be ready to install the CASS Offline registration software proper.

How to Install WAEC CASS Registration Software for SS1

  • Close any applications that you may be running.
  • Also, navigate to the folder where the WAEC CASS Setup Application software is saved after you the download, and click on it.
  • Furthermore, follow the onscreen instructions to complete installation.

How to Upload WAEC CASS for SS1

  1. Launched the WAEC CASS Offline Application software.
  2. Furthermore, type in your username and password and click on Login now.
  3. Also, select a CASS Year to Upload.
  4. Additionally, click on the Check box to activate Export button.
  5. Click on the Export Button and take note of the location where the exported file was saved.
  6. Once Successfully exported, to the folder in Step 05 and locate the file in the format “CASSYr..”
  7. Also, copy the file. Please make sure that you use the most recently exported file!
  8. Visit the WAEC CASS Portal Login Page http://examiners.waecnigeria.org/waeccass/
  9. Also, type in your WAEC CASS online Account Detail (the Email address and password) and click on sign in.

WAEC CASS School PIN Verification Page

  1. Type in same email address and the School Identification Key (PIN) it is made of up of 17 digits and Click on Verify Pin to proceed.
  2. On the West African Examination Council Online Continuous Assessment Capture Portal Dashboard, click on the link Upload CASS Data
  3. Click on Choose File, locate where the exported CASS file was stored on your personal computer, select it to get it uploaded.
  4. Additionally, check “Continue Processing the Selected File”
  5. Also, click on Process Upload File. A message will show up saying “All Student data Contained in this file will be transferred to the online server. Note you would not be able to modify you school data once the upload is completed.”
  6. Furthermore, click on Confirm to Continue.
  7. If done correctly a message will show indicating the number of candidate that was successfully uploaded.
  8. Close the message to continue.

How to Print Student Listing

This report shows the list of students on yearly basis. Note that only active student will be available on this report.

  1. Click on reporting
  2. Also, click on student listing.
  3. Furthermore, select the CASS year.
  4. Additionally, select the exam year.
  5. Click on view report

How to Print WAEC CASS Student CASS Listing

Schools are expected to print a similar report from the offline application, review and ensure that students’ scores correspond with the scores on the report.

  1. Click on reporting.
  2. Also, click on student CASS listing.
  3. Additionally, select the CASS year.
  4. Furthermore, select the Exam Year.
  5. Click on view report.

How to Print WAEC Cass Student Validation Listing

Validation listing shows a list of all subjects registered by students. Every student is expected to review this list from the offline before uploading to the online platform.

  1. Click on Reporting.
  2. Furthermore, click on Student validation listing.
  3. Also, select the CASS year.
  4. Select the Exam Year.
  5. Click on view report.


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