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5 Ways to Teach Preschoolers to Read


Ways to Teach Preschoolers to Read: It is actually simple to learn how to teach preschoolers to read. Learning to read is a multifaceted process that combines strategy, knowledge, and comprehension.

5 Ways to Teach Preschoolers to Read

It’s more challenging for preschoolers still struggling to understand the relationship between sounds and letters. You must give your child the necessary support to help them master reading.

According to one study, simple things like reading or talking to babies can improve their cognitive development and language skills.

Ways to Teach Preschoolers to Read

Here are five ways parents can teach preschoolers to read.

1. Teach Them About Books 

A preschooler may already know how to flip pages after watching you do it. But they may have difficulty getting to an exact page using their tiny fingers. This can be frustrating and discouraging to them.

Show your child how to coordinate fingers to turn book pages quickly and effectively. Teach them how books work we turn pages to continue reading text, and we read text from left to right.

This can motivate them to explore books and speed up their learning process.

2. Teach Sight Words

Kids master sight words fast even before they know how to sound them. Since sight words form the building blocks for fluent reading, they must be learned first.

One of the most effective ways to teach sight words is by using flashcards.

Show the cards several times and let the child say the words repeatedly. You can also use games and activities to teach sight words.

3. Use Rhymes and Songs

Rhymes and songs boost phonemic awareness, which is vital for combining sound units to make words. Let your child repeat rhymes as much as they can.

They can recite songs and poems or read nursery rhymes and read books with rhymes.

Have a wide collection of resources to teach your preschooler reading at home. The best part is that most of the learning resources you need to teach reading are available on the internet.

Search for the best reading program for preschoolers and explore the reading programs you can use to teach your child how to read.

4. Use Stories

Stories are fun, engaging, and thought-provoking. They are great for teaching a developing brain a hard skill like reading. You don’t have to be a great storyteller. You can just read a book together and discuss its content afterward.

As you read every page, point at words and pictures and read with emotions. Your child will be fascinated. Stories also provide contextual clues that help preschoolers to better understand what they are reading.

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5. Play Word Games

Do not limit your preschooler to reading books alone. Incorporate playful activities by regularly introducing simple word games to keep them engaged.

Focus on word games that encourage the child to listen more and notice different sounds in words.

Also, play with letter names and sounds. Ask questions such as, “what letter does the word cat start with?” “What sound does the word dog end with? Use fun toys and alphabet books to make learning more interesting.

How you teach sight words can form a great foundation for learning to read. Don’t try to teach like other parents, focus on what works for your kid.

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