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Wedding videography; 5 heart breaking mistakes to avoid


Wedding videography: Do you wish to film weddings or are you somehow connected to a wedding event? It’s for you.

Wedding videography; 5 heart breaking mistakes to avoid

Wedding videography; 5 heart breaking mistakes to avoid

But you are a videographer and you want your work to be perfect. Facts is that if you pay attention to common mistakes in photography, your whole work becomes a MESS.

Wedding occasion shot is fun and cherishing especially when you meet with happy couples. The delights of these couple rely solely on the intimate romance photograph and wedding film they watched after wedding.


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It exceptionally annoying on the off chance that you find that your footage is dam bad and it doesn’t make any sense, however don’t bother yourself, it happens to all photographers when they started and even me yet I can authoritatively guarantee you that, the most ideal way to avoid this mistakes in not to quit shooting but rather to keep shooting.

As a professional events and news photographer, I will mention five heartbreaking mistakes in videophraphy and the possible means to avoid them.


To wind up distinctly a professional on wedding image shoots, is not until you know everything except for rather to take after the tip I simply recorded underneath:

1 – Panning and Zooming.

When you first start utilizing camera this extremely basic blunder you have, no idea of the right way of shooting professional looking video. It is easy to start camera recording and simply walk around and pan and zoom on everything that you see. The inconvenience is that their video will always look like home motion pictures and will be hard to alter into anything that looks great. On the off chance that this is you, without taking the right abilities this will never change and whatever you are shooting will always look like home motion pictures.


2 – The Shooting on Auto in a wedding Videography

Similar to number one, this issue relates back to ease of utilization. It is easy to put the camera on Auto and expect that it will record everything alright. Good fortunes with that, yet the reality is video cameras are easily deceived by one of the many variables in the shots that you are taking.

The auto capacities that you have to learn to utilize manually are-

  • Exposure • Focus • White balance • Audio levels • Shutter

3 –  The mistake of Not Thinking the wedding photography

You have to start considering what you are attempting to achieve with your story and each shot in your story. Having the capacity to shoot professional looking video is difficult, especially in the event that you aren’t prepared to put the exertion and the idea into achieving it.

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4 –  Mistake of Not Practicing.

I couldn’t care less the amount I let you know or how much cash you spend on gear, it won’t make any distinction to your footage on the off chance that you don’t get your camera and start to utilize it.

  • Failure to study the bride and groom

As a photographer, you learn everyday from the events you are attending. Most Videographers lacked the impression of focusing and studying the celebrators


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