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What Data to Include in a CV /Resume – Check Here. www.schoolflash.com.ng


What Data to Include in a CV | Curriculum Vitae.

What data to include in a CV, How to write a CV, Data in Curriculum Vitae, Data to be included in CV,Below are those important information to be included in CV – Curriculum Vitae …See more details below

What data to include in a CV
What data to include in a CV

What data to include in a resume
Develop a good resume is very important to our aspirations to obtain a post. Here we explain what data should include curriculum. Data to be included in the Curriculum Vitae.

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What data to include in a CV


This should read ” Curriculum Vitae “of (name of person), or just” Curriculum Vitae “.


Name, date and place of birth, marital status, home address, contact phone number, email address, etc.


Studies have been conducted, indicating dates, center, and where they were issued. Place only the last grade of studies conducted, for example, if you possess a university degree, are ignored primary and secondary, because for obvious reasons it is understood that they were finalized.


Studies complementary to university to improve university education, including the date, the Centre and where were dictated

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Work experience related to college or that may be of interest to the company you want to hire you. Please note the dates, the company where you worked and the roles and tasks performed.


This section defines languages you know and your level. If you obtained a recognized qualification, such as the “First Certificate” in English, stating your knowledge in these areas, indicate.


Notes those computer skills you possess: operating systems, word processors, spreadsheets, databases, graphic design, Internet, etc.


In this final section points out those aspects that have not yet been included, such as driving license, own car, willingness to travel, hobbies, hobbies, etc.


A note that accompanies the CV and if it is not mandatory add to the curriculum, it is important to differentiate it into account in cases where the employer must choose among many similar applications. This should be short and contain:

References on the work to be obtained.
A brief presentation on the knowledge we have of the workplace.
A brief description of skills and training for the position.
A request to interview .

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