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What Gets Wetter the More it Dries? (Riddle Answer)

What Gets Wetter the More it Dries: That riddle question is quite intriguing. If you had to guess, you would probably reply “oil,” but read on to learn the real answer. This article provides the solution to this well-known enigma.

What Gets Wetter the More it Dries? (Riddle Answer)

What Gets Wetter the More it Dries?

What gets wetter the more it dries riddle is one of the internet’s most baffling riddles for quite some time now.

Here is a look at the “what gets wetter the more it dries” riddle answer with an explanation.

Everyone loves to solve riddles and teasers. Recently, that’s what happened on the internet and social media.

The nerds, geeks, and just about everyone who loves a good riddle were forced to confront “what gets wetter the more it dries riddle“.

We are going to share it below and implore you to put on your thinking cap and come up with the correct answer.

Ever since this riddle “what gets wetter the more it dries” appeared online, many have tried to answer it and only a few have been able to get its answer right.

Hint: This is a Household Item that Gets Wet While Drying 

‣ We utilize it on a daily basis.

‣ Is it in the toilet?

The correct answer to the riddle and question, “what gets wetter the more it dries” is: A Towel

Explanation: What Gets Wetter the More it Dries

What gets wetter the more it dries. This implies that as it dries, the wetter it becomes. It revolves around the idea that the reader should presume that dries.

This is a difficult issue to solve because it does not make sense at first.

A towel is an absorbent piece of fabric used to dry or wipe someone or anything that is damp.

As you dry your body, hands, face, or an object, the towel absorbs all of the water and becomes wetter.

So the towel is getting wetter while it dries something else. Dries can refer to the act of drying something as well as the process of something drying on its own.

Because we use that towel, which is dried after usage, it gets wetter and wetter as it dries.

In other words, the wetter it gets, the faster it dries. We utilize it on a daily basis. It’s not the towel that’s getting drier; it’s your hands.

As a result, the Towel is the answer to this conundrum.

The Logic Behind this Answer

The answer to the riddle “What gets wetter the more it dries?” is a very logical answer when you think about it.

The towel absorbs all of the water when you dry yourself or an object.

When you’re nice and dry after stepping out of the shower and using a towel, you’ll notice that the towel is damp.

The towel will be rather damp when you dry the dishes after washing them, depending on how many dishes there were.

Because of the cellulose molecules naturally inherent in plant fibers, whether you use a towel made of paper or fabric fibers, such as cotton, the fibers will absorb moisture.

When sugar comes into touch with the dry fibers in cellulose, it adheres to the water.

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