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What is an Honorary Degree


What is an Honorary Degree: An honorary doctorate is a high-level academic degree given to someone who has not completed the normal degree requirements.

What is an Honorary Degree

What is an Honorary Degree

There are particular requirements that people must fulfill to be eligible for an honorary doctorate, and there are different doctorate degrees that they may be awarded.

Many non-honorary doctoral degree alternatives also call for a graduate degree.

What is an Honorary Degree

The greatest level of academic excellence recognized by the American educational system is an honorary degree, which may be granted by any academic institution.

The university or college is solely responsible for choosing the recipients, although those who are chosen to get honorary doctorates typically have illustrious accomplishments and high values that are consistent with those of the institution.


There have been honorary degrees throughout history. The University of Wyoming claims that Lionel Woodville received the first honorary doctorate from Oxford University in England in the 1470s.

Honorary doctorates have increased in popularity and frequency since that time.

Use of Honorary Doctorate Degree

Except in some situations where a formal academic background is required, the holder of an honorary doctorate may use the degree in the same way as one conferred on them for actual academic achievement.

Although there is no prohibition against it, the majority of recipients avoid using the title “doctor.” The title has been cited by recipients like Benjamin Franklin, Maya Angelou, and Billy Graham, among others.

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Honorary Doctorate Degree Criteria

While many colleges and institutions have their stringent requirements for honorary candidates, in most cases an honorary degree can only be presented to an individual who has made continuous lifetime contributions, rather than a group or for a single feat.

Private institutions might not have the same restriction as public universities when it comes to professors or staff personnel being nominated for the degree.

The prominent vocation or pursuit of a school is frequently represented by candidacy for the degree. However, many institutions place more value on the sustained bearing of a person’s achievements.

Honorary Doctorate Degree List

Schools may award several kinds of honorary doctorate degrees depending on the achievement.

Some institutions may only grant the Doctor of Philosophy degree, while others may award a degree depending on the recipient’s achievements. A few examples include:

Doctor of Humane Letters – recognizing academic achievement

Doctor of Laws – professionals in the legal field with awards

Doctor of Science – honoring cutting-edge scientific investigation and discovery

Doctor of Fine Arts – given mostly to performers, musicians, architects, and artists.

Doctor of Divinity – given to outstanding religious figures

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