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What Jobs are Hard to Fill in UK?


What Jobs are Hard to Fill in UK: Over the years, employers have found a stubborn rock in filling up some vacancies. Various sectors are really lacking in some job positions. As you scroll down, you’d find jobs hard to fill in the UK.

What Jobs are Hard to Fill in UK?

What Jobs are Hard to Fill in UK?

With the demand for specific talents so high and the job market becoming increasingly competitive for employers.

However, it is evident that workers possess all the power and are in a strong position to be selective of the tasks they complete.

What Jobs are Hard to Fill in the UK?

With the UK employment rate at an all-time high, finding suitable new employees has never been more difficult for British employers.

Staff shortages are most acute in industries that require highly skilled candidates.

Britain’s thriving tech sector in particular is struggling to find enough people with the necessary skills and experience, despite paying competitive salaries.

The most difficult job to fill is that of an optometrist, with 68.79% of optometrist vacancies posted on Indeed in the previous year going unfilled for 60 days or more.

Also, After 60 days, just over half of solicitor positions remained vacant, with surgeons trailing close behind at 46.32%.

The vast majority of the top ten ‘hard to fill’ jobs, i.e. those with the highest proportion of vacancies taking more than 60 days to fill, are in the tech sector.

This is most likely an indication of both the tech job boom, which provides excellent opportunities for talented job seekers, and how employers must be patient in order to find staff with the specialized skills they require.

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What are Other Statistics for Hard-to-fill Jobs?

Front-end developers (40.31%), system engineers (40.24%), software test engineers (39.86%), and full stack developers (39.76%) are all prominent ‘hard to fill’ jobs.

Furthermore, This is despite the fact that they are all highly lucrative: all pay an average annual salary of £37,500 or more, with the average software architect commanding nearly double £70,000.

Indeed also looked at the data to see where the most opportunities are for job seekers, determining which roles have the most ‘hard to fill’ postings.

Also, Cleaners account for nearly 3% of the jobs currently listed on Indeed that are classified as ‘hard to fill,’ which means that one in every 33 ‘hard to fill’ jobs is for a cleaner.

Although only 11.53% of cleaner jobs are classified as ‘hard to fill,’ the overall number of cleaners sought means that cleaner roles rank first in terms of ‘hard to fill’ jobs.

Also, Support staff (2.15% of ‘hard to fill’ jobs), chefs (2.06%), and customer service representatives (1.91%) are close behind, with care assistants rounding out the top five, accounting for 1.677% of all ‘hard to fill’ jobs.

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