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Whatsapp Chat Lock Iphone – How to Activate


Whatsapp Chat Lock Iphone: One of the most popular social media apps seems to be WhatsApp. To better inform our readers, we have included yet another piece of information about it.

Whatsapp Chat Lock Iphone - How to Activate

Whatsapp Chat Lock Iphone – How to Activate

What we are going to be sharing here is a piece of information that will be helpful to our readers. Here, readers will get to know how to Chat lock.

Not only will you know how to lock a chat, but you will also know how to lock your WhatsApp chat on your iPhone. It is a whole process to activate which is a reason why we are taking this topic.


However, readers should note that locking chat is not the same as locking your WhatsApp. Locking WhatsApp is a general feature while locking a chat is securing a particular chat.

We will take you step by step on how to activate this on your iPhone and also in your multi-logins. If you have your WhatsApp logged in on many devices then this is the right post for you.

Search this post with all iPhone users for their edification. Do not let them be absent-minded about this feature of WhatsApp or how to make use of it. Here is a subheading that is very vital for this post. We will be informing you reading the WhatApp chat lock feature.


In this section of the post, readers will learn more about the feature and what it really is. WhatsApp already has a lock feature in which you can make use of your biometrics, pin or password to lock.

For iPhone users, you can make use of your Face ID or Touch ID to Unlock. It is quite annoying as it does not really secure your messages.

Those making use of Android devices would find it harder to keep a chat private as one who knows your password can easily infiltrate your chat which was meant to be private.


WhatsApp has seen this and made a new feature. The new feature allows users to lock chat singularly.

Unlike the WhatsApp lock, you can lock chats you want to keep private. This feature is amazing and if you have not made use of it on your device- it is high time you do.

Can you make use of Both the WhatsApp Lock and Chat Lock?

Yes, one can make use of both the WhatsApp lock and chat lock to keep his or her information protected. Read down to see how.


How to Activate

The process of activating Chat Lock on your iPhone is quite easy. Note that this feature is quite concealing-media files would not be saved to your storage unless you save them with your own hands.

It was a really thought-through idea and it is a good idea for business people. If you have been looking for ways to activate the Chat Lock on your iPhone, this is the right section.

Follow the procedure below;

  • With an active data connection,
  • Open your WhatsApp and then open the Chat you want to lock
  • Tap on the conversation name to open the chat information screen
  • Scroll down and select the Chat Lock option
  • Enable it.
  • Confirm your identity by scanning your fingerprint or face or entering your pin or password
  • Confirm the chat to be locked after doing the above listed.

If you follow the above-listed procedure, you will successfully, lock the chat you want t and anytime you want to open it, you will need to enter the password.

N/B: Locked chat is right above your chat on the primary home screen. Swipe down for them to lock the chat box to appear.

To open it, you will need to confirm your identity with your biometrics, face or touch pin or password. Note that even notification details of a locked chat will not pop up except it is unlocked.


Whatsapp Chat Lock Iphone – Limitations to Chat Lock

This section is very vital to all readers. What we are going to be sharing here is what you will find useful when it comes to Whatsapp Chat Lock.

Generally, there are some limitations to the chat lock which is what we are going to consider in this section of the post.Whatsapp Chat Lock Iphone – How to Activate

This limitation does not allow users to really enjoy the feature. One of the core limitations is the use of your phone unlock password and biometrics as the lock for the chat.


It is also very easy for those who have access to your phone to unlock the chat and spy through the content.

Another limitation is that- those who log in with multiple devices would only be able to log chat in only their primary devices.

Locked chat may not appear as locked in their sub-devices which calls for attention.


Additionally, calls from locked chat would pop up exactly the same way as other calls coming into your WhatsApp.

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Problem Fixed

We have reached the last section of the post. In this section, our readers will get to know more about the limitation earlier listed.


The limitation could be annoying to users as the core reason for making use of the chat lock was to protect chat but yet could not completely secure them. Here is where you will find comfort as we bring you good news.

Note that the following errors listed in the above sections are work in progress. We are hoping that those problems would be fixed in no time so that users can comfortably enjoy making use of their WhatsApp Lock without any complaints.

For now, you will need to manage to make use of the feature with the few errors which will be fixed. However, those who have no idea about the locked chat may not know that your home screen lock is the same as that of your locked chat.


We hope for quicker feedback from the WhatsApp technical crew.

If this post has been helpful to you, do not forget to drop a comment in the comment section below. We will attend to whatever question related to Whatsapp Chat Lock Iphone – How to Activate.

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