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Why is My Amazon in Spanish?


Why is My Amazon in Spanish: What’s the deal with my Amazon being in Spanish? Amazon is a huge website with numerous paths and connections. Many people find it difficult to navigate the site if it is not in their first language. As a result, some versions of the e-commerce website are available in multiple languages. For example, Amazon.com is available in both English and Spanish. Here’s a comprehensive guide to changing Amazon’s language.

Why is My Amazon in Spanish?

Why is My Amazon in Spanish?

How to Change Language in Amazon

Step 1: Search for the Globe Icon.

Launch any Amazon website version or extension (For example Amazon.com or Amazon.in). The globe icon can be found simply with a two-letter code at the upper right corner of the page, near the search bar.

The code corresponds to the website’s language. If there is no globe on your version of the website, it is most likely because you are on an Amazon site that only offers a single language, such as amazon.co.uk, which is only available in one language.

Step 2: Change the Language.

To change the language, simply hover over the little globe, and a list of all accessible languages will appear. It is also possible to click on it to enter the Amazon language options page. Choose your favorite language, then save your changes.

How to Change the Language Back to English on Amazon?

Sometimes people tend to select the wrong languages or the selected language becomes confusing for the user to operate. Do not worry, you can change the setting back to English even if you are unable to understand the chosen language.

Just repeat the process by hovering on the globe as the icon does not change its place. Select English and then hit Confirm. You are back to English as your site language.

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Why is My Amazon in Spanish Now?

If your Amazon suddenly changed to English, it is likely due to a couple of factors. Some of these include accessing the Amazon Spanish site, changing the browser, changing the device, or accidental change of language to Spanish in the Language settings.

However, you can easily revert to the English language from the settings menu whenever you want to.

Why is My Amazon Notification in Spanish?

Your Amazon notification language could have changed to Spanish for several reasons:

‣ The system may have changed to the default language Spanish probably because you are browsing from Amazon Spanish website

‣ You have changed your device or browser setting to Spanish.

‣ You have travelled to Spain or a Spanish-speaking country in the recent past.

How to Change Amazon Language Back to English on Desktop.

You can easily change from Spanish to English on Amazon by simply heading to the settings menu in your Amazon account and changing your preferred language to English. You can also change the language settings from your browser settings.

How to Change Amazon Language Back to English on Mobile

The procedure for changing language settings on Amazon on mobile is pretty straightforward for both Android and iPhone. It can be done from the settings menu on your phone. Steps to change the preferred language on Amazon.

You can change your preferred language to English on Amazon in a few easy steps as outlined below:

‣ Log in to your Amazon Account

‣ Click on Settings

‣ Click on Language Settings

‣ Set English as the preferred language

‣ Save changes

Once the changes are saved, English will become your default language. This will apply to all transactions and communications on and from Amazon.

You can also change your language preference to English from your browser and the change will still be effected on most sites that you visit, including Amazon.

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