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Why is the Mona Lisa So Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)

Why is the Mona Lisa So Expensive: The Mona Lisa is a masterpiece and one of the most valuable paintings in the world. People occasionally wonder why it is so expensive. This article has the solution!

Why is the Mona Lisa So Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)

Why is the Mona Lisa So Expensive

The Mona Lisa portrait has an interesting history. It was stolen from the Louvre and held for two years.

It became the most expensive painting in the world after it was found.

Why is the Mona Lisa so expensive? Let’s find out!

Who Painted the Mona Lisa?

The inventor of the Italian Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci, who was also a scientist and an artist, painted the Mona Lisa.

He was considered a person of wide knowledge and learning.

The phrase “Renaissance Man,” which means a person who has diverse knowledge on different subject matters, was created to describe Leonardo’s numerous talents.

It is being used in today’s world to describe individuals who have a wide knowledge of subject matters relating to their niche.

Asides from the Mona Lisa painting, other artistic works by Leonardo are quite spectacular.

He kept a diary in which he drew and sketched most of the subjects he learned.

These drawings could sometimes be sketches from other drawings, like anatomy or science. One of his most popular drawings was the Vitruvian Man.

The Vitruvian man was a painting of a man of perfect proportions, using the records of Vitruvius, the Roman Architect.

His other famous drawings include a design for an airplane and lots of self-portraits.

Who Was the Woman in the Painting?

It is mostly believed that the woman in the painting “Mona Lisa” was Lisa del Giocondo, an Italian noblewoman.

She was the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, a rich silk seller

The artwork was used to open her new house and celebrate the birth of Andrea, her second child.

Why is the Mona Lisa so Expensive?

1. It is Very Secure

Most times, things that are expensive are secure, and vice versa.

More funds were used to provide high-tech security for the painting after it was stolen once.

If the painting were to be sold by the Louvre, they would recount the cost.

This will be over one hundred years of security details and protective gadgets.

2. The Painting Was Once Stolen

It is sometimes argued that the painting “Mona Lisa” would not be as popular as it is today if it weren’t stolen.

The NPR notes that the painting was not popular at the time it got stolen.

At most, it was artists and collectors who saw the painting as remarkable.

It was ignored by the public.

Things took a different turn on August 21st, 1911, when three men sneaked into the Louvre and stole the artwork from its glass case.

The media placed more focus on the theft to push for its recovery.

Most of the artworks that France had owned were already owned by millionaires from America.

They got worried that it could be stolen too.

Some individuals thought that the millionaires were the mastermind behind the stolen artwork.

Others thought it was a planned attack by the Germans.

The painting was stolen immediately after the First World War, when conflicts between Germany and other countries in Europe were beginning to get heated.

Because of the massive push to find the artwork, media organizations had their fair of fun.

This attracted the attention of the public, who were following the investigations closely.

Then, the Mona Lisa was finally found.

Two brothers, Vincenzo and Michele Lancelotti, who were servicemen at the museum, stole it.

Because of how the media portrayed the story of the Mona Lisa, it became a famous name.

The event behind its history has increased its popularity since then.

3. It is Made of High Quality

Anything that is of high quality is the most expensive.

Most art historians consider the Mona Lisa artwork as having a top-notch quality

It does not only portray remarkable talent, but even people who are critics describe it as a great beauty.

They have unexplainable feelings after viewing the artwork in all its enigmas and beauty.

The woman’s smile is one of the biggest mysteries that the painting unravels.

Not only is it mysterious, but Leonardo da Vinci captured the artwork brilliantly.

Being that the artwork is of high quality, it is definitely going to be expensive.

4. It Was Painted by a Popular Artist

Despite the fact that the Mona Lisa is popular on its own, it is also popular because of the artist.

Leonardo da Vinci was the peak of a Renaissance man.

He was an intelligent mathematician, a musician, an author, an architect, a woodcarver, and even a botanist.

There was rarely any field that did not interest him.

The artist Leonardo da Vinci spent a lot of time traveling to several cities in Italy.

He was under the tutorship of an exceptional painter, Verrocchio, who made paintings for royalties in Europe.

Despite him being a child born out of wedlock to a court clerk and a laborer, he had a high social status and was quite rich.

He finally settled into a house that was a gift from King Francois in France.

While he was alive, he made exceptional inventions and works of art.

For instance, he conceived postulations about the modern submarine and plane.

He also had an understanding of how the human anatomy works.

It’s actually unquestionable that Leonardo was a genius.

Because of his popularity, anything that was attached to him automatically becomes more expensive.

Whenever a book that has been authored by da Vinci or an artwork painted by him is discovered, it becomes expensive.

As time elapsed, his popularity increased, as did his fans.

These people want to have something of his in their possession.

Because most people think that the Mona Lisa is his most popular painting, she’s the main trophy.

Hence, the Mona Lisa is expensive since it is associated with the popularity of Leonardo da Vinci.

5. The Painting Was Used in Hollywood Movies

Let’s say the Mona Lisa artwork was not popular on its own, but using her in several Hollywood productions has made her quintessential.

She was a part of the popular Hollywood franchise, “The Da Vinci Code,” which was coined from a book series of the same name authored by Dan Brown.

The major characters in the series found out that there was a debate about most of da Vinci’s works.

They discover that they must follow the hints about the Holy Grail and other artifacts before an unknown group does it in their place.

They included the Mona Lisa and other artwork by Da Vinci in the movies.

Also, there are several films that either briefly mention the Mona Lisa or center on the mysteries surrounding the woman who is shown in them.

Anything that receives the Hollywood touch gains a bit of value.

This is because movies are an excellent medium for communicating a message to the public.

It’s possible that not everyone will opt to read a book about the Mona Lisa’s art history.

They will retain that knowledge if you include a few brief historical details about the Mona Lisa in a film.

There is an increased interest in the painting because more people are aware of it.

The Mona Lisa can also be of interest to cinephiles and film collectors.

Dan Brown’s followers, in particular, may be interested in the painting because they might think she is hiding something.

If the picture were to ever be put up for sale, there would be a higher demand because of this interest.

6. It Has a Historical Background

The Mona Lisa would have been a priceless historical item even if a popular artist had not created it.

Leonardo da Vinci created the Mona Lisa between 1503 and 1519.

No one is sure when he began and finished the painting; it is assumed that he worked on it steadily during this time.

A young woman wearing standard attire during that era is seen in the painting.

It provides spectators and historians with a picture of Europe in the 1500s.

Historical researchers can learn a lot about her from her haircut to her attire.

The first Mona Lisa was made of wood and not on canvas.

Even though canvas was an option in Leonardo’s era, many artists used wood for their smaller paintings.

As a result, the painting’s medium itself has a historical significance.

The picture is kept in a regulated climate at the Louvre in order to conserve the paint as well as the wood.

Hence, anything with historical significance is valuable.

This is because, in most situations, that specific item is no longer produced.

Old artifacts are valuable to historians because they depict the history of humanity.

The Mona Lisa is a wonderful historical object since it not only represents life in the 1500s but also provides information about the paints that were in fashion at the time.

It lets people in on the components used in paint preparation and depicts the type of preparation that painters had to give their mediums.

Historical artifacts like the Mona Lisa are rare, valuable, and expensive because historians are very interested in them.

The demand among historians to own the artwork would be much if it were put up for sale.

Because of the acute interest in the picture, there would be a tremendous demand for her, which would result in a very high price.

Due to the Mona Lisa’s value as a historical item, its price is high.

7. The Painting Marked an Innovation in Artistic Style

The Mona Lisa’s significance stems from the shift in artistic trends that it signified.

Leonardo da Vinci demonstrated the “sfumato” technique to his pupils using the Mona Lisa.

According to PBS, the artist had to paint without boundaries or strokes because of the style.

He used such light brushstrokes that no borders or distinguishable strokes were left behind.

The style put a lot of emphasis on how light and shadows were bent.

Leonardo da Vinci was very fascinated with light. He was interested in capturing the reflection of light on objects.

One of his earliest artworks, “The Mona Lisa,” was where he adopted this new style, which explains why it had a mystical air.

When the Mona Lisa became well-known, other artists, including Picasso, studied the technique and applied it to their own works.

The Mona Lisa invented the way artists painted, and it holds a significant place in the annals of art history.

It established the benchmark on how particular genres of paintings ought to look.

The Mona Lisa is expensive because it represents a radical shift in artistic trends that influenced several artists after its publication.

8. It Cannot be Sold

The fact that the Mona Lisa cannot be sold contributes to its high price.

Due to a special law, the Mona Lisa cannot be sold by the Louvre.

According to Article L451-5, items that are owned by a public person and are kept at a museum in France are considered to be in the public domain.

Consequently, those assets are unalienable. This implies that the museum is unable to sell the item.

However, there are methods where museums can alter the status of their products in order to sell them.

They must bring it before the French High Council of Museums.

It will be the decision of the council whether to alter the status of the goods, approving or disapproving of its sale.

The Mona Lisa is safeguarded from being sold by this law.

The Mona Lisa’s value is increased because it is unlikely that the council would permit the Louvre to sell it.

People who are interested in collecting art would desire to acquire priceless works of art, and the Mona Lisa is perhaps the most valuable piece that anyone could own.

They are more interested in the painting because they are unable to acquire it.

If the Mona Lisa were to ever become more popular and be in greater demand, the price would be very expensive.

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9. It is Spectacular

The Mona Lisa’s exclusivity is another reason it is expensive.

You may purchase a cheap print of the Mona Lisa at any museum, art gift shop, or even online, but this does not imply that you are purchasing the original artwork.

Only one Mona Lisa painting exists, and it is on display at the Louvre.

You are actually getting a poster or replica when you make a purchase.

It’s not the original Mona Lisa. That is because paintings are exclusive.

There aren’t two versions of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

Even if he did, the two would probably differ because he painted by hand; after all, there was no means to reproduce his prints electronically.

Even a talented painter like Leonardo da Vinci could make minor errors or modifications while working

Even if he were to paint a second Mona Lisa, it would be unique from the first.

But because there is just one, and it stands out.

There is no likelihood that Leonardo da Vinci will ever create another one because he passed away long ago.

Since the Mona Lisa is the most well-known artwork in the world, most people would love to claim ownership of it.

No other painting could give them the status that it would.

Like other unique items, the cost increases because there is only one.

That is a result of the limited supply. The demand is so great that it can’t keep up, which causes the price to soar.

10. The Painting is Famous

The Mona Lisa is the most well-known painting in the world, according to a CNN report.

The picture did not have the popularity it does today for a very long period.

It all started when a former Louvre employee took the painting in 1911 and kept it hidden for two years.

People had a lot of interest in the painting because of the frantic search for it.

After all, a painting must be valuable if someone was willing to risk their freedom for it.

This was what first garnered attention to the artwork, and it hasn’t declined since then.

According to The Guardian, the Louvre receives over 30,000 visitors each day.

Most visitors head straight for the Mona Lisa.

Its notoriety and appeal are further factors in its high worth.

Anything well-known or well-liked carries a higher price tag since there is more demand for it.

Because of her popularity, many people would be interested in purchasing the Mona Lisa if she were to ever be put up for sale.

Even those who don’t often collect art might be intrigued by such a well-known work of art.

When Was the Mona Lisa Painted?

Da Vinci is said to have started painting the Mona Lisa in Florence in 1503 or 1504.

In spite of the Mona Lisa’s relatively small size, Da Vinci took four years to complete it.

However, the date the painting was made is not known with certainty.

Although the world’s largest art museum and a historical landmark that houses the original Mona Lisa claimed that the painting was created between 1503 and 1506.

Certain historians and Leonardo specialists believe the Mona Lisa may have been created no earlier than 1513 AD.

The Net Worth of Mona Lisa

In 1962, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci was insured for a $100 million premium.

This amount is equivalent to more than $867 million in 2021.

The artwork is so priceless that a 2014 report on France 24s, a French state-owned international news channel, suggested selling the Mona Lisa to pay off the nation’s debt.

However, the Mona Lisa and other such works of art that were housed in public institutions’ museums, were emphasized as public property.

What Does the Mona Lisa Represent?

In the same way that Ginevra Benci’s juniper branches and Cecilia Gallerani’s ermine reflect in their separate portraits in Washington and Krakow, so does the Mona Lisa’s well-known grin represent the sitter.

It is a picture of the idea of happiness that the Italian word “Gioconda” denotes.

This sense of bliss served as Leonardo’s inspiration for the portrait and is what gives its ideal quality.

 The landscape’s characteristics also have a part to play.

 Warm hues can be seen in the middle distance, which is at chest level for the sitter.

There is a bridge and a winding road in this area where men reside.

This area, which Leonardo skillfully drew at the level of the sitter’s eyes, symbolizes the transition between the space of the sitter.

It also symbolizes the distance when the landscape transforms into a wild and uninhabited region of rocks.


The Mona Lisa is expensive because it is perhaps the most renowned painting on Earth.

Although the painting is invaluable, if it were to be sold, the aforementioned factors would make it very expensive.

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